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    glorious lighting and body 😉

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    Beautiful. I’m loving your photography so much! Xx

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    Wow you are so clever and talented! This is such a captivating photograph and you look incredible!
    Aurora x

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    Fabulous, fabulous photo.
    I love the curves and shapes of your bottom and back . . . and that lovely warm red glow !
    Beautiful !!!
    Xxx – K

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    What a perfect photograph, and beautiful words x x

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    The lighting in this is so beautiful – I absolutely love the colours of your photo. x

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    You have such an amazing arse Monika! I love this sultry sexy shot of you


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    I love the beautiful lighting that captures your body so well. The words are just so fitting.

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    What a great arse! Sexy as hell!

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    What a lovely round rump, framed in red. I hope someone got to enjoy that as more than just a view from behind the lens.

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    Sorry I’m late appreciating this glorious image. Beautiful lighting, beautiful bum, thanks for sharing!

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