Total Eclipse of the Heart

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” ~  Maya Angelou

Yes it is the season of looooooove! In the supermarket the greetings card section is dominated with red, there is champagne, chocolates and cuddly toys greeting you as you wander in and soon they will joined by an abundance of red roses. Here at Godemiche though we decided to celebrate Valentines in a slightly different way by offering heart filled sex toys.  We have taken our famous Be My Valentines Red and, for a limited time only we have added 6 additional colours to the collection, pink, blue, green, orange, purple and yellow.

Backet of rainbow love heart plugs


All those fabulous colours in any of our products (apart from the Apex) but the big question is which is your favourite. In the office we have been debating this question for the past couple of weeks and we still can’t agree on which is our favourite and so we have decided that we need you to help us make a decision and as a reward one lucky someone will win themselves a toy* of their choosing in one of the Valentines heart colours

So what is your favourite colour in our Be My Valentines ranges, are you romantic for red, bonkers for  the blue, passionate about pink, yearning for the yellow, greedy for the green, pining for the purple or orgasmic about the orange?

Whichever it is we want to hear from you. Declare your love for your favourite colour in the comments below and on the 7th February we will announce which of the Heart Colours got the most mentions and select 1 person at random who listed that colour as their favourite to win a product of their choosing from the Be My Valentines range.

So what are you waiting for? Tell us in the comment section below which of the Valentine colours you are yearning for and don’t forget you are in with a greater chance of winning the more people who vote for your colour so spread the word and tell people why your colour is the best colour and encourage them to come here and tell us.

Terms and Conditions

1. Competition will run from the 30th Jan to midnight on the 5th February 2018 (UK time)
2. The competition is open world wide
3. Winner will be drawn at random from the people who have selected the winning colour. The winning colour being that with the most votes in the comments section of this post.
4. The 1 winners will be notified by email address so make sure you leave a working email when you comment
5. Winner will be notified by the 7th February.
6. Winner will get to indicate if they wish to receive a Adam 6 inch, Adam 8 inch, Ambit, Plug B or Peg in the winning colour.

So what are you waiting for, comment below and tell us which one of the heart colours is the one that rocks your world and maybe it might end up rocking its way to your door as a result!


123 Responses

  1. I want it red while ryan reynolds sings “can you feel the love tonight”in a high pitch voice in the backround

  2. Orange is the colour I associate with my relationship. My boyfriend and I are long distance and Orange always makes me think of him. Helps a lot when I’m missing him. Orange is the clear winner to me!

  3. Pink and Green are my favorite colours of Valentine celebration. Pinks for warmth, pure emotion and Green for life and freshness. Good emotional qualities for making special ones feel loved, and fulfilled sexually.

  4. Red is always a sexy colour, and i always love it when my lady gets in red clothes, she’s gorgeous in anything but in red, she’s my godess 😉 so red would be perfection

  5. Romantic red! Gotta love red. Especially for Valentine’s day. If I win… Maybe the bf will let me peg him now.

  6. I’m steaming up for the red. So made up. Nothing says ich liebe dich like a romantic red hearted dildo. Beaut!

  7. Gotta say red will probably be most popular but I really like the orange its different, vibrant & depending on the shade isn’t far off red anyways!

    Now if you did black hearts that would win me over!!!

  8. In a universal way red is the color of love and passion! so it’s true that it can be classic … but this is an excellent classic! Red power for me! H.

  9. I would really love to win any of them!, but my eyes just stay in the red one. Maybe a rainbow limited edition would look so cool too!

  10. Usually blue is always my favourite choice as it’s my favourite colour however in this range I have to go with orange it’s beautiful & less traditional yet the wee hearts really stand out! So orange gets my vote this time round sorry blue!

  11. All the colors are amazing, and red certainly is classic, but I also love the look of the green and the blue! It’s so hard to choose, I want one of each!

    If I have to choose just one, though, I think green wins out right now.

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