Beholder – Sinful Sunday

To say that I love images is an under-statement.

I love to capture people’s faces, their expression, feelings and beautiful bodies , so when Eroticon was coming I knew that my goal would be to take some sexy images of people I was surrounded by. And I wasn’t wrong.

First day at Eroticon and I fully took advantage of the opportunities I was presented with.

I stayed with WrigglyKitty at the AirBnb and she surprised me with the company of Charlie J Forest  aka @CJForrestauthor. As I’ve found out they had everything planned, all I had to do was just be an invisible beholder.


The intense of the rope play they experienced was incredible.

The room was filled with tension and love.

They took time for themselves and I adore the passion that flowed between them.

I have to admit – I was a bit jealous.


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Wriggly Kitty Rope Play Eroticon 2018

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  1. That is interesting to see, and sexier than I first thought.

  2. Beautiful and erotic! Such fantastic images, and the story behind them is wonderful as well.

  3. These are beautiful. I really love the second one that has captured the slight movement of the rope being tied round her feet


  4. I also love the second shot but it’s because I can see the knots and ties fully… All the images are stunning x

  5. My gosh! These are lovely. I’m sure it was amazing being in the midst of the action.

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  8. Kat

    Gorgeous! I love seeing everyone’s different POV with the other sinful Sunday’s linked to this.

  9. Amazing photos . . . love looking at them here . . . and the thoughts they inspire of the sharing experience itself !!!
    Wonderful !!!
    Xxx – K

  10. The images are really stunning. You are a talented photographer, Monika 🙂

    Rebel xox

  11. Both shots are great but there is something truly special about the second one.

  12. Gorgeous images. Thanks for sharing!
    Indie xx

  13. Great photos! I love rope play MrH hands, his methodical work. It’s intoxicating, relaxing, erotic.

  14. Bee

    I love the second one, so voyearistic, it must’ve been wonderful to experience watching that scene.

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