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Blossom – Sinful Sunday


I am a flower

Blossoming under the sun

Swaying with breeze of life

Waiting in the rain

For a glimpse of sunlight

Catching morning few amidst

The darkness

sleeping in nutrients to fulfil my knowledge

Growing stronger each day

I stand still

As I watch myself blossom

-Janelle Fernandez

Feeling the nature

PS. This picture was taken in an early Sunday morning when we still had a nice sunny days in UK.

I am missing the warm brushes of the sun so much and I thought I will bring  some memories for the time being of the cold weather outside.

I was on my own walking on the wet grass to set the camera and the opposite of the trees there are actually some houses.

I haven’t seen anybody but if so I think they had a great entertainment that Sunday at 6am;)

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  1. Avatar

    That’s gorgeous – the lighting is superb 😉

  2. Avatar

    You look like you could just go for a frolick. A beautiful, almost ethereal photo.

  3. Avatar

    The lighting gives this a magical quality and your ‘dare to bare’ attitude feels free and empowered.

  4. Avatar
    Molly Moore

    I love all the images you have been posting on IG. I hope you post some more here over the next few weeks. They are all so beautiful


  5. Avatar

    This is just so, so beautiful xx

  6. Avatar

    This is so beautiful , the UK morning sun is so bright it’s made you’re body shine. Love the see through white skirt. Stunning. Xxxx

  7. Avatar

    I love this.. the lighting, the tree the pose… So sexy.

  8. Avatar

    This is so beautiful. A naughty nymph playing in the morning light.

  9. Avatar

    WOW absolutely stunning, Monika… I am loving your shots on Insta too x

  10. Avatar

    What a gorgeous and joyous photograph. You look so happy bathed in that early morning light.

  11. Avatar

    Love this. The tree, the outdoors, the underskirt, the pose. Just lovely!

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