Blossom – Sinful Sunday

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I am a flower

Blossoming under the sun

Swaying with breeze of life

Waiting in the rain

For a glimpse of sunlight

Catching morning few amidst

The darkness

sleeping in nutrients to fulfil my knowledge

Growing stronger each day

I stand still

As I watch myself blossom

-Janelle Fernandez

Feeling the nature

PS. This picture was taken in an early Sunday morning when we still had a nice sunny days in UK.

I am missing the warm brushes of the sun so much and I thought I will bring  some memories for the time being of the cold weather outside.

I was on my own walking on the wet grass to set the camera and the opposite of the trees there are actually some houses.

I haven’t seen anybody but if so I think they had a great entertainment that Sunday at 6am;)

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  1. I love all the images you have been posting on IG. I hope you post some more here over the next few weeks. They are all so beautiful


  2. This is so beautiful , the UK morning sun is so bright it’s made you’re body shine. Love the see through white skirt. Stunning. Xxxx

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