Monika upskirt picture for Sinful Sunday

Skirt Up – Sinful Sunday

I meant to share this image a while ago, but things got busy and I put my photography a little bit to the side.

It was taken back when we went on the holiday to Poland.

While the kids where sleeping we took the opportunity and left them with two grandmas to keep them safe, while we slipped out for a walk.

The night was warm and barely anybody around. There is a beautiful place in my town with a the tiniest chapel on top of the hill and a huge forest to walk.

Well this time we didn’t want to pray or either walk much further than here.

It was perfectly peaceful, just random cars passing by from time to time while I put my skirt up to show him what he can taste later…


Skirt Up - Sinful Sunday



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  1. biulousone

    What a beautiful image. I love the way the eye is drawn first to you then up into the trees and beyond

  2. This is a beautiful image and I love your description of the stolen moments alone together just as much ?

  3. The lighting is glorious – u can tell its a lovely warm eve and the pic so cheeky 😉

  4. Ahhh summer nights are the best but you appear to have way too much underwear on monkia 😉


  5. This is lovely and brings back memories of summer walks. Beautiful image xx

  6. mmm I always love upskirt images! Gorgeous!

    Rebel xox

  7. Submiss34F

    Such an enticing image! Delicious.
    Missy x

  8. KP

    That’s an amazing angle – and I LOVE your eyes peeping over the top! Perfect.

  9. Sneaky peek! I love the canopy of trees above you as well

  10. A fabulous image, the light really works with you, drawing the eye to the nearby delights first and then the light bursting through the canopy of trees.

  11. Krystal

    This image is PERFECTION…the hint of your face, the tease of your beautiful bum, the background and back lighting…the PERFECT photo!!

  12. It sounds like a wonderful location . . . and this is a wonderful photo !!!
    Hope you had a lovely vacation.
    Xxx – K

  13. Delicious photo. I love the angle of your arm holding up your skirt, framing your gorgeous bum and leading our eyes upward to your face and the trees.
    Indie xx

  14. NPE

    Bestowing a lovely blessing!

  15. Very sexy image, Monika – I love the flicker of creeping light in the background x

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