Second Skin – Sinful Sunday

Second Skin Sinful Sunday post wax play
woman in fishnet tights and candle second skin on her breasts

Being in the sex industry doesn’t mean that we as a couple have tried everything when it comes to sex. We might make dildos but not every field in the bedroom has been tried yet. So when Adam and I decided to introduce our new range of penis candles I wasn’t sure what to expect. Once we started to experiment and play around with different colours I immediately fell in love with it! The warm wax pouring onto my bare skin was the most beautiful moment that night… I could feel all the emotions in my body. Excitement. Joy. Happiness. Closeness to my partner.

And just when the wax has set hard and I couldn’t really move it felt like a second skin which I just wanted to stay in for longer…

***The model on the picture is surprisingly not me:) Dawn kindly volunteered to pose for me. She also enjoyed the wax play. Hopefully not the last time.

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Sinful Sunday

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