Pant’n’Moan – The Chosen Names

Pant'n'Moan Spring Summer Collection Blog Banner Block Colour

We asked for your help in naming this seasons latest colours the Pant’n’Moan collection and oh my you all rose to the challenge!

Before we get to the names though, we want to say thank you. Even though, thank you doesn’t feel like a big enough word to use that expresses our gratitude and our deep love for each and every one of you. Godemiche was started by people to help people and we will always seek peoples help because you are all in some way part of Godemiche history.

Now we have had that little emotional meltdown lets get on to these names!

We went through over 700 name suggestions, 700+, lets say it one more time because 700+ is phenomenal!

After much debate we have decided on the following 12.

  1. 1. Watermelon Kiss

2. Butterscotch Drizzle

3. Sea Witch Blue

4. Minty Mermaid

5. Forrest Nymph

6. Elsa’s Dream

7. Dragons Breath

8. Mystic Waters

9. Not Quite White

10. Make Me Blush

11. Rusty Heart

12. Witches Brew

If your name is one of the twelve picked then we will be in contact. When we do, all you need to do is reply.

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