Everyday Hump Day – Sinful Sunday

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He’s taking a steamy shower,

He likes it really hot, almost burning.

The way the drops are dripping from his body turns me on.

He’s out, he’s taking a towel to dry his body.

There’s something so sexy in the way he grabs it and carefully touches his legs then his bum…

Then he starts to do the same thing on the other side. I’m watching his moves and I’m starting to think how much I want to just be close to him with my naked body.

Feel his clean warm skin.

If there’s something I admire in him the most is his sexy ass and big veiny hands.

There’s that thing about them that my mind immediately put together a sex scenario of what those hands could do to me.

It drives me crazy.

I might need a shower to cool down after taking care of this gorgeous bum…

Sinful Sunday

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