Apex – A Butt Plug You Play With

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So what is the Apex, well it’s a butt plug you play with, a hybrid anal toy that’s both butt plug and anal beads.
Its design is in part peoples request for an anal toy but also because we like both anal plugs and anal beads.

Wanting to make a butt plug something more than just an insertable toy and anal beads less messy the Apex was born.

The Design

The tip is smooth and rounded like a butt plug for easy insertion. From the tip the Apex glides down to its first bulbous section, we like to call this the first anal bead.
Here the shape is more like 2 two anal beads that then taper in before flaring out to a large T-base.

It’s here at the very last bead and base of the plug where the Apex is unlike other butt plugs. See the space between the last bead and the base of the butt plug is quite small and this is intentional, by making this section less than an inch the body naturally pushes the last bead back out.

This is what makes the Apex a butt plug you play with, enjoy the sensation of pushing it in, then gradually the bead will pop back out or you to push it back in again.

You can push it in yourself, uses during oral sex and have your partner push it back in or you can even sit back down on the Apex.

The Apex really is a butt plug you play with!


The Apex comes in two sizes small and large, is made using a body safe platinum silicone, it has a large T-base for safety and comfort, comes with the Godemiche lifetime guarantee and obvious available in every colour imaginable.

Let’s not forget cleaning, its super easy, simply use warm soapy water and leave to dry before putting away.

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