5 Godemiche Videos We Think You Should Watch

5 Godemiche Videos We Think You Should Watch

5 Godemiche Youtube Videos We Think You Should Watch

Every year we plan our annual Independence Sale more and more in an attempt to keep everything flowing particularly things like our bi-monthly Youtube videos that we produce but yet again this year the sale came along and despite all our planning demanded our undivided attention and so sadly this week we have not managed to make a new video but luckily we have a lot of videos we have already made which we think you should watch, even if you have watched them before theses 5 are definitely worthy of a re-watch

5 Tips for Enjoyable Anal Sex

The one where Monika calls Adam and arsehole and also for one brief moment is maybe louder than Adam. That is a rare thing. Oh and of course there are 5 brilliant tips for enjoyable anal sex!

What is Sexual Edging?

This one we only made back in May this year but it is a subject that we really enjoyed exploring but it also reveals just how much Monika likes to be in charge when it comes to edging!

Hot Sexy Wax Play

This one is worth a watch to discover that maybe wax play is NOT for Adam, unless he is doing the pouring. Seems his pain threashold and Monika’s is very different when it comes to hot wax! Also there are super stunning stills at the end of this video which we are very proud of

What is Pegging?

This video was first removed by Youtube for being way to sexy for them but we managed to get it back and as a result you get to see Monika strutting her stuff in her strap-on harness and an almost naked Adam!

Talking Sex with Adam’s Mum

We couldn’t not include this one. If you have not watched this fantastic talk between Adam and his Mum asking all the questions posed my our followers then you have definitely missed out and if you have already watched it then do so again because it is absolutely guaranteed to make you smile

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  1. OMG! This is so funny. Mum, do you know what “pegging” is? “Of course I do.” Bwaaaaahahahaaa. She didn’t skip a beat and just rocked it! I laughed out loud.

    I love how accepting and proud she is of you two. That generation didn’t have access to all of this education and generally are a bit shy about the subject.

    I love your mum! The dynamic between you two is highly entertaining and I would like to see more. Are Monica’s parents interested in doing a video. Food for thought.

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