Glowing sex toys and how to use them

Glowing Sex Toys And How To Use Them

Imagine a dark, the kind of inky darkness that’s thick and dense, the kind that your eyes can’t see through no matter how hard you try. But then there is a light, a light your eyes become fixated on, a light that’s the only thing you can see. The only sounds heard are your own shallow breaths and as you watch the light that subtle sound is broken by a short sharp gasp as you feel a warm, wet mouth tasting you.

Sound good? Well, that’s what it’s like playing with glow in the dark sex toys.

That’s what it’s like playing with glow in the dark toys.

Hello everybody and welcome to another video/blog day! Today we are going to talk, all about glow in the dark sex toys and give you our two personal favourite ways of playing with toys that glow.

Let’s first squash the most common question people ask ‘Aren’t they just novelties?’
No! Glow in the dark toys are so much more than novelties and in the right hands with the right ideas they became something super sexy and super different so let’s talk about our two favourite ways of using glow in the dark sex toys and explain why they are so good.


Ok, so this one’s not as shady as it sounds, you’re not going to do anything that’s not welcomed but you are going to tease and play with touch and light.
When the lights are off and the only thing you can see is this glowing dildo you’re going to look at it.
So, while your partner’s attention is with the glowing toy, try stroking a thigh, sliding your fingers across the privates, then stop.
Keep your partner wanting more but also guessing where the pleasure will come from next.

You can also do the same thing with your mouth, your fingers, even another sex toy such as a bullet vibrator.
The choices of what you can do are endless. We would recommend doing this as a sort of foreplay, it gets the juices flowing, the heart racing and the anticipation at an all-time high.

A gift for you

Before we talk about our personal favourite way of playing with glow in the dark sex toys we want to give you a special treat.

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Windows of light.

This is our personal favourite way of playing.
The light from glow in the dark toys isn’t blinding, it’s subtle and delicate.
The light is bright enough to cast its glow on to nearby objects such as body parts, bed linen, clothing etc.

Use this light to create little picture frames of light in the dark, if the toys between their legs, let them watch you in the glow of a toy as you lick and suck
Let them watch you kiss the inside of the thy, suck a toe, play however you both enjoy, but use the light to enhance and amplify what you’re doing at that moment in time but using the light to bring attention to that thing.

What’s super cool about this is the light just makes things sexier, it’s this sort of hybrid sex with the lights off but still on, a sort of dreamlike, more fantasy feeling rather than reality and that’s what you want to play on.

So that’s our two favourite ways of using glow in the dark sex toys but that’s not to say it’s the only two ways of enjoying toys that glow.
Be as creative as you like, if sifi and fantasy turns you on role play or fantasies about an encounter with something out of this world.
Be a voyeur, watch or be watched masturbating in the dark with a toy that glows around your body.

Now do you see why glow in the dark sex toys are so much more than novelties.

Have fun and keep glowing

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