Are sex toys safe?

Are Sex Toys Safe

At first glance asking if sex toys are safe seems a bit like a silly question but actually when you examine it a bit more it is actually a really good question with a longer answer than just yes or no. In fact the answer is probably more along the lines of probably or maybe and here is why

Not all sex toys are created equal and so when it come to buying a sex toy here are some important things to consider to help you make sure that the sex toy you buy is a safe one

Sex toy materials

There are a LOT of sex toys out there on the market for you to buy. From dildos to vibrators, toys for your butt, toys for your penis, toys that need batteries and toys that don’t. There are smart toys that you can program or use long distance and even toys that look human. The choice and variety is quite frankly almost overwhelming but one of the most important things to consider when buying a sex toy is the material it is made from. Just because a toy claims to be made from a body safe material does not actually mean it is. There are no rules and regulations when it comes to sex toys and so you can make all sorts of wild claims about your toy.

So what materials should you look out for?

Body safe silicone
Wood (treated with a body safe finish)
Stainless Steel

Materials to avoid?


Some companies create their own names for the material that they use such a Sil-a-Gel and will often mention silicone in the product description but if it is not clear or when you ask for more details the company are reluctant to share that then it is not a toy I would recommend you spend your money on. There are lots of toys made from body safe material in all budgets. Don’t waste your money on something you are not sure about.

Safe Sex Toy Design

This one is a little bit harder because whether a design is safe or not can be hard to establish without getting your hands on the product but buying from a reputable company that has done the checking for you is a good place to start or companies that are super transparent about their design and manufacturing process.  Be wary of toys that offer solutions to problems that they have essentially invented. Toys that tell you that they will make your vagina tighter or your penis bigger or that seem gimmicky for the sake of it. Who needs a sex toy to also be a torch? Are definitely things to be wary of buying.  At the very least you will probably end up paying over the odds for your toy.

Right sex toy for the right job

This one is about design but also is down to you the user. It is important that you use any sex toy you buy for the purpose it was intended. For example, buying a dildo that does not have a flared base and using it for anal is very dangerous. A flared or T shape base on a toy means that it cannot be drawn up into your rectum. If you want a toy for anal play then buy a toy that is designed for that very purpose. However some toys can totally be adapted for different used. For example people with a penis often enjoy the sensation of a vibrator on their penis. There is no reason not to use your your vibrator on your partners cock just don’t put it in their bottom if it does not have a flared base.

Do your research

The best way to ensure that a sex toy is safe is to do your research before buying it. What do I mean by that?

Sex Toy Reviews

Go online a search for reviews on the toy you are looking at. There are lots of excellent sex toy review blogs out there. Take a bit of time to find a few and read what they have to say about the toy. These people are experts and spend a lot of time researching the companies, the toys they make and using the toys. If you are not sure if a toy is for you, reading reviews can also help in that regard too as many reviewers will include what type of person they think a certain toy will suit.

Check out their social media

Use social media to find out more about a toy and the company who makes it. Find their profiles on the social media platform you prefer and look their content. Is their profile active? Do they respond to people who talk to them? If you are not sure then try tweeting or commenting on their post and see if you get a response. If you don’t that does not mean they are not a good company making a good toy but it might mean you definitely want to do more research to be sure

Reach out to them company

A good sex toy company should also want to help you and answer your questions so if you are not sure about a product then reach out and ask them about it. If it is not clear what the toy is made from, ask for details? Want to know in which country it is made? Ask them. Always keep in mind that companies often have hundreds or even thousands of emails a day so they might not reply instantly, especially if they are a small independent company but if they never reply at all, either to email or on social media then proceed with caution.

So are sex toys safe? There are lots sex toys that are made from body safe materials, designed for the job and well tested before they even get to market. There are many sex toys companies who really care about making a quality product for their customers but there are also some unscrupulous ones who are only in it to get your money of you. Make sure you arm yourself with knowledge and do your research before buying and you will find that it is fairly easy to spot the good safe sex toys from the bad unsafe ones.

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