3 for 2 on Godemiche Toys

3 for 2 on Godemiche Toys

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Three is most defiantly not a crowd, especially when it comes to sex toys which is why we are giving you the chance to buy 3 for 2 Godemiche toys

We really love sex toys. Hell it was one of the mains reasons we started Godemiche in the first place because we wanted to make toys that we wanted in our collection. However before Godemiche was born and we were on the hunt for new sexual delights one of the deals we always took advantage of when retailers offered it was 3 for 2 because it offered us three new experiences and also we were always terrible at making a decision about to buy so this meant we could pick one thing each and joint thing.

I’ll never forget the day I came home with a WeVibe2, Lelo Ina and a Lelo Soraya all to Monika’s surprise. Three new toys to our collection and three toys we enjoyed for many years afterwards and only possible for us to buy before of a 3 for 2 deals.

So now it is our turn to be the seller and we are excited to be able to finally run our own 3 for 2 deal. For one week only we are having a 3 for 2 on all Godemiche toys to hopefully give our customers some of that new found sexual pleasure we remember having when you get to buy a bundle of great new sex toys.

It is simple…

Add any 3 Godemiche toys to your basket and you will get the cheapest one for free.

Offer excludes Mystery boxes, Pride, Existing sale items and all non Godemiche manufactured products.

Offer ends at Midnight on the 23rd of May

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