Soft & Vibrating

NEW Absolem and Skrue Soft Vibrating Blog Post Banner (1)

Why oh why haven’t we done this sooner?

We love soft toys (Skrue and Absolem), I mean if I mention soft Skrue to Molly in conversation her eyes roll around her head like she’s on crack and the filthiest smirk appears on her face she loves it that much. In fact nearly every time they come up in conversation she tells me it is her favourite Godemiche toy. Anyway we digress, being surrounded by all these toys new and old it’s often easy to miss things that should be so obvious.

Soft toys + Vibrators = Soft Vibrating Toys…. Yes please, sounds like a dream come true.

It’s not rocket science so we did what any sexed up dirty animal would do, made them and listed them so that you amazing dildo loving people can get your hands on them.

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