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Rediscovering what’s in your sex toy box

Do you still own the first sex toy you bought? And if so, does it still get used? You don’t need to move house like we did to think about what is in your sex toy box and how it could be improved. Dig out your toys and let’s see if maybe things need a […]

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Third #FictionFriday

Have you ever fantasied with your partner about what it would be like to have a third person join you in the bedroom? Maybe you have purchased a dildo to act as your mystery third? If so then this story is definitely one for you Trust “I’m really not sure I trust you to keep […]

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Exploring Tease and denial play – The Penis Edition

It’s important to recognise, before anything else, that tease and denial play is by its nature about dominance. It can be loving and gentle, or rough and intense (or a combination of all of those, of course)… but the person setting the pace is in charge, up to a point. Have a conversation beforehand about […]

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