Rediscovering what’s in your sex toy box

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Do you still own the first sex toy you bought? And if so, does it still get used? You don’t need to move house like we did to think about what is in your sex toy box and how it could be improved. Dig out your toys and let’s see if maybe things need a spring clean.

“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris


The chances are that there’s something in your sex toy box you don’t use, simply because it’s not very good. The vibrator with the damaged speed control. The toy made from a dubious jelly material you were given as a joke. The flogger that was supposed to be thuddy but instead is just too stingy for your purposes. Whatever it is, if you wouldn’t buy it now then it should probably be rejected.

Put them all to one side; we’ll come back to this stuff later. But you might want to make sure you have a rubbish bag ready that will keep the contents discreet.


Following the care instructions, it’s time to give everything in your sex toy box a good clean. For many silicone, metal and glass toys the easiest way is to use the top shelf of the dishwasher. Assume waterproof toys are not dishwasher-safe (contact the manufacturer if you’re not sure) and use the sink instead. If you’re leaving everything on the drainer, you might want to close the blinds.

sex toys in the dishwasher

And while you are sorting through your toy box why not snap a picture of your collection and share them with us on social media? We would LOVE to see what you have in your sex toy box!

Leather, wood and some metal toys will need a different kind of care. Be aware that anything used to get a good sheen may also affect your skin. (If you’re into latex and/or PVC you probably know far more about the best cleaning regimes than I do.)

If it needs batteries, replace them and order a spare for next time. If it has a charger cable, make sure you’ve got one that reaches far enough. 

Repair and Restore

Give every item a really good check for damage; cracks, splits, dents or tears. Even if it seems really minor, these provide a breeding ground for bacteria and make it hard to keep things clean. A minor dent on metal toys is fine as long as the surface is intact, with no unintended sharp edges. It’s unlikely splitting silicone or cracked glass toys can be saved.

There’s probably not much you can do to fix damaged powered toys. The exception is if a battery has leaked a little on the contacts; a little work with sandpaper and it should be fine.

You’ll find that your local DIY store provides replacement bolts and clips for restraints, if they need some attention. Other sensation and punishment toys are extremely varied and a fix could range from easy to impossible. Adjusting a spindle so a pinwheel runs freely or cutting away a split strand from a flogger would be straightforward. Other repairs are probably not DIY jobs.

Reserve or Reveal?

You know, it might be time to upgrade the actual box you keep your sex toys in from the old shoebox under your bed or the makeup case sitting at the back of your underwear drawer. You may want a secure cupboard in your bedside table if you’re worried about nosey visitors, or a lockable case that’s portable. Just don’t lose the key!

Alternatively, you might want to display everything in size order on a shelf by your bed, or dedicate a wall in the spare room to hooks and display cases. There’s no wrong choice when it comes to an actual sex toy box to store your collection in, only the one that’s right for you.


Now for the fun part – thinking about what the toys are for. You’ll have a favourite, or maybe a few. The real question is which ones get neglected? Which do you wish you got to use (or have used on you) more often? If you have a regular partner(s), then this is where communication is important. This can be in passing, or as a request, and it’s about inspiration not complaint.

– “I really like you using this plug on me when we…”- “I was thinking/dreaming/fantasizing about you slipping this gag into my mouth before you…”- “Remember that time when I made you see stars with this dildo…”

A ‘love/lust journal’ might be a good way to share these ideas; write your thoughts, then leave it for them to read. Take turns filling a page with the ways one particular toy could be used. Or take photos of everything and share one with an appropriate caption when the mood strikes you.


One reason that much-loved (and much-lusted) toys may stop seeing regular use is that they’re best to be shared, and that’s not currently possible. Or it could be the other way around; you may not be reaching for a reliable solo toy because you have so much human company in the bedroom. But the chances are that you can easily adapt some of what you already have.

– A belt around a pillow can hold a vibrator in the ‘right’ position for hands-free use (works particularly well with ‘bunny’ vibrators).- Adding a suction cup to a dildo, or attaching the harness to a chair, means a partner isn’t so necessary – or can be an audience.- A few metal clips can turn restraints into fun solo toys. Roll dice to give up some control about the toys that you enjoy.- Pressing a vibrator against a silicone or metal toy can get the sensations to all the right places. Bondage tape is a great temporary way to join them together.


Finally, it’s time to think about the toys you’re clearing out. Do you want to look for something similar? If so, take some measurements and think about what you’d change, if anything. Is it time to go for a larger size, or add a more powerful motor . Perhaps you want to expand your collection of anal toys or you want to use more than your hands to tease a willing penis.

While you’re shopping, think about the other gaps you’re trying to fill (pun completely intended). What have you always wanted to try? What fascinates you about what you watch or read? Is there anything stopping you from enjoying the toys you have already and the people you share them with?

And before you get annoyed about spending cash, think about the hours of pleasure your toys have already provided to you and others. You’ll probably decide it was money well spent.


Some sex toy companies offer a recycle service but mostly, sadly, it is not possible to do. After all it is not really something you would want to buy from your local charity shop.

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