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Well, the grind ring is a soft, textured piece of body-safe silicone that’s shaped like a pizza slice with a bulge for grinding, dare we say it, it’s also more enjoyable than a pizza slice too. The grind ring has been designed to be used over a dildo or a penis for extra clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex.

How do you use the godemiche grind ring?

The way you use the grind ring is by placing a dildo or penis through the circular hole at the bottom ensuring the texture is facing away from you. When using the grind ring with a strap-on harness slip the grind ring over your dildo and rest on the outside of your harness. If you are using a penis, then you can either slide the penis through the hole or stretch the whole a little more and scoop the balls with the penis though, a bit like a cock ring.

When the grind ring is in place your partner can sit on your dildo or penis and begin grinding their clitoris against the soft textured mound.

It really is that simple and with a selection of textures there’s something pleasurable or even slightly sinister for every clitoris.

Who is the godemiche grind ring for?

Anyone with a clitoris.

The Grind Ring is for anyone with a clitoris who likes clitoral stimulation during penetration or enjoys grinding/rubbing their clitoris against a texture. As with every Godemiche toy we have created the grind ring as something we want to use as a couple. The grinding experience can basically be enjoyed by anyone with a vulva that wishes to get more clitoral stimulation during penetration.

You can use it over a strap on dildo or over a penis or even over a dildo during solo play.

How much does the godemiche grind ring cost?

The grind ring is £34.99 and you can pre-order yours today.

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