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Meet the Grind Ring…. Are you the type of person that loves close intimate sex with your partner, but wants more clitoral stimulation that is silent, will never need recharging or require batteries?

Then you’re going to love the grind ring!

What is the grind ring?

The grind ring is a soft textured piece of body safe silicone that’s shaped like a pizza slice with a bulge for grinding against. Dare we say it, it’s also more enjoyable than a pizza slice too. The bulge is covered with a textured surface to give you something to grind your clit against. There are a number of different textures for you to choose from depending on the type of stimulation you prefer. See below for more details on the various options.

The grind ring has been designed to be used over a dildo or a penis for extra clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex.

Mound Height

You can now choose the hight of the grindable mound on your Godemiche Grind Ring. 

Low Grind; The original Grind ring mound is designed to lift the texture up to your body allowing you more control over the stimulation you receive while grinding. 

High Grind: A much larger mound designed to bring the texture even closer to your body when being designed to be comfortable on your gentiles.  


Pills – The soft pills flick across the clitoris and can also slide down the labia lips for a fuller vulva sensation.

Tall Pyramids – Like the Spikes the Tall Pyramids are soft and very flexible and as they make contact with the body they slide unpredictably left and right along your clit and vulva.

Bumps – “Not too intense, unless I really grind deep down on it”

A simple texture that offers a light to medium amount of stimulation as you grind. Although the bumps are small the sensations are not.

Bubbles – “My clit feels like it’s being banged in a hard fuck as it bounces over the bubbles”

Despite the bubble texture being large, the stimulation is lighter, smoother, and almost bouncy as your body slides across it.

Waves – “This is the texture I feel the most, I almost want to grind on it more”

As your body grinds backward and forward over each of the waves you get an almost continuous rubbing sensation.

Spikes – These fuckers are fun. They are not quite as torturous as they look but also not a light/subtle sensation. Each one of the spikes are soft and very flexible and as they make contact with the body they slide unpredictably left and right along your vulva. Sometimes a spike flicks across your clit and then slides down your labia, other times a spike glides down past your clit and between your two labia lips.

Pyramids – If you’re looking for a really intense clitoral texture, then pyramid spikes are for you.

Hearts – Hearts is quite similar to Bubbles in that the texture is lighter and smoother as your body slides forward. The texture is less bouncy as you slide backward, almost a thudding bounce.

How do you use the Grind Ring?

You use the grind ring is by placing a dildo or penis through the circular hole at the bottom ensuring the texture is facing away from and up the front of your body. When using a strap-on harness while laying flat, slip the grind ring over your dildo to rest on the outside of your harness. If you’re using a penis, then you can either slide the penis through the hole or stretch the hole a little and scoop the testicles (balls) with the penis through a bit like a cock ring. (It is not tight enough to act like a proper cock ring though. Putting the balls through the hole just allows it to stay in place a bit more securely)

Using the Godemiche Grind Ring As a Male Female CoupleGodemiche Silicone Sex Toys

When the grind ring is in place your partner can sit on your dildo or penis and begin grinding their clitoris against the soft textured mound of the Grind Ring.

The raised mound brings the texture closer to the clitoris ensuring you have control over how much or how little stimulation you receive depending on how hard you grind down and when.

Who is the Grind Ring for?

Anyone with a clitoris.

The Grind Ring is for anyone with a clitoris who likes clitoral stimulation during penetration or enjoys grinding/rubbing their clitoris against a texture.

You can use it over a strap on dildo or over a penis or even over a dildo during solo play.

However, you decide to use it we would love to hear from you. So please do leave a review on this product to help others determine if this item is for them or not.



Please note the only size to change for the High Grind is the width (mound hight) which is 3CM/1.1INCH

Colour Style

Your toy will be hand-poured so you will always receive a one of a kind product.

We have 3 different options for colour customisation:

-Surprise Me – We got you covered, your colour decision in our capable hands and we will create something that you will love.

– Single Colour – A single solid colour throughout.

– 2 Colour Marble – Two colours poured together.




All our toys are made with 100% Platinum Silicone making them body safe, hypo-allergenic, and very durable. For more information about the materials we use to make our products and about packaging please visit our FAQ page.


All our deliveries are made in either plain boxes or bags. On the shipping labels the sender is always
ABMM ltd.  Our packaging is ALWAYS plain and ALWAYS discreet to ensure only you know what’s

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Royal Mail option is Royal Mail Tracked 48 which aims to deliver your parcel within two to three
working days after they receive it from us.
DHL is a fully tracked 2 day service where you can manage your delivery yourself through their
tracking portal. They aim to deliver your item within 2 working days of them receiving it from us

Shipping in the EU

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a shipping option

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Your shipping option is DHL but in some rare cases where you live in a remote area we will then send
it Royal Mail. We will let you know if we have to make this swap.
If you are buying from us from outside the UK then you are liable for any custom duty and import
changes your country applies this includes the whole of the EU.

63 reviews for Grind Ring

  1. Melanie (verified owner)

    I’m disabled and have poor mobility and grip strength and it’s hard to find things that are easy and fun to use. But these with my Doxy are a breeze. The tall pyramids are just genius and combined with vibration- phew!

  2. An (verified owner)

    I got the “tall waves” and unfortunately, the mound part is so much lower than expected/looks in the photos that it sort of feels like just grinding on a silicone pad with some lines. No stimulation really at all. I was told that they will be making new ones with a higher mound in a month or so but after spending $68 to send this to the US, was kind of a waste of money. The concept is great though, would recommend waiting until the new ones come out for future customers to avoid this from happening to them too.

  3. Ghost F

    Sea witch, hearts Speedy shipping, superb quality and a must have grinder for any collector! The sea witch color was more grey-navy than blue-black like the sample photo. I found the silicone firmer than expected but its still a really good toy!

  4. Ellie

    Wow! First of all the delivery was very speedy, came almost a week early which is fantastic! I opted for a surprise colour option and they didn’t disappoint! Love the emerald green pigment. Amazing quality and it feels amazing! I’m so happy with it, thank you!

  5. Olivia Crueger

    Just buy it!! Everything I could’ve hoped for and wanted in a toy like this. I got the mystery color and got a beautiful green that I adore. Many thanks, best thing I’ve ever bought

  6. Audrey Matzik

    I follow them on tiktok and was curious about the product. After looking through the different options, I decided on the small waves as I wasn’t sure what type of stimulation I would like. Well now I’m gonna need to get more in different styles! The color is beautiful and it is exactly what I was looking for! I can’t wait to buy another one!

  7. deirdre.hackett

    It’s so cute and good quality but it’s not a product that really works for me sadly cause I was so excited for it but if it’s your kinda thing I’d recommend cuz it’s good quality!

  8. Malissa Wolsleger

    Wow, so great! Seriously amazing, I want to try them all! Shipping did take about 2 weeks so take that into consideration. I was expecting longer shipping times since they come from overseas.

  9. Niki Nowak

    Wow, these got here fast! I was perfectly content waiting as I read the other reviews that had mentioned shipping timelines, but the two items I ordered were at my doorstep in a matter of days! I selected the “Surprise Me” option as I didn’t have a color preference, so that might have played a factor. As for the items themselves, really high-quality stuff. Not a defect in sight, and they are quite large! The large size is nice bc you don’t have to waste time trying to find the “right spot.” Overall very happy with my purchase and looking forward to expanding my collection.

  10. Lauren

    I give this small business 5 stars across the board. I ordered two items, once the items were ready to be shipped it only took 2 days to get to me in Phoenix AZ from England!! Definitely the fastest shipping I’ve ever had from overseas. The quality is great, however I haven’t tested the product fully yet; but I have no doubts in my mind that it will live up to hype and my expectations.

  11. Stacy

    Well made, matched the description perfectly, and WOW… I intend to purchase another one soon with a different texture (as I messed up my order), but this one was mind blowing. Highly recommended!!

  12. Malissa Wolsleger

    Wow, so great! I want to try them all! The shipping did take about 2 weeks so keep that in mind when ordering but I was expecting it since they come from overseas.

  13. Morgan Campbell

    Item arrived on time and is of good quality! Happy with first use and look forward to using it again and again. Be mindful of shipping times though! I’m in the USA and when I asked about shipping time when it got close to my expected arrival date, the seller did share that Estys estimated arrival times are not always accurate but that they’d do their best to make it happen! But my item DID arrive on time as promised, in time for my partners birthday. Thanks again!

  14. Mel Francis

    Don’t hesitate. Add to Basket. NO REGRETS!

  15. traciblueberry

    Fast shipping, friendly service, and great quality. Loved it! Would like the next versions to have the option for a higher, firmer middle. But it feels great and so soft!

  16. Margaret Pratt

    Clearly made of very high quality silicone. Shipping was fast and efficient. Now the really important part. This thing is amazing. World-shattering. Pure and complete ecstasy and worth every single cent.

  17. Brenda

    Very soft and very well made , my guy and I are going to enjoy this new toy . Thank you

  18. Becky Scherer

    Only bad part was shipping from UK to US takes a while. Item itself was even better than we expected and texture was accurately described as to the sensation it would provide. We definitely will be getting a couple other types to play around with. Even got the color I hoped for through the surprise me option 😉

  19. Sean Atherton

    I receive the wrong color, and the maker immediately sent a replacement. Amazing service and quality!

  20. James Prenderville

    Great service and the item itself is amazing, my partner is absolutely in love with it.

  21. Yasmin A

    Beautiful texture and gorgeous black colour, would 100% recommend and would absolutely use this shop again. Thank you!

  22. Sasha

    so much fun, this. great design.

  23. Sarah

    Hubby and I enjoy it!

  24. Joseph Bell

    Brilliant item…great design, works fantastically

  25. Colleen Halvorson

    The item itself seems well made. The “wearer” found it comfortable to wear but did note that hair can get caught in it so be mindful of how you put it on your partner. It is enjoyable but a note for thick lipped individuals, you may prefer the high grind. The product is 5 stars for sure but my anatomy doesn’t make it as fun as it could be.

  26. Laura Morgan

    Top quality, exceeded expectations by a mile. 100% would recommend to everyone!

  27. Nikki Rogers

    It’s OK, not as hard as I thought it would be so couldn’t feel it.

  28. C

    Such a fun toy! Absolutely love this!

  29. Wade Nielsen

    The wife says it isn’t rough enough.

  30. Patrick Brown

    My girlfriend loves it. lol

  31. Jose Dionicio Torres

    Wonderful, wife loves it will buy other styles

  32. Kathleen Beveridge

    Great quality and look. Definitely a winner

  33. Rachel Bloss

    Great! Thank you so much

  34. Demi Hodges

    Got tall pyramids but the texture is very soft and flimsy, I’m a little disappointed because I couldn’t feel any sort of stimulation 😔

  35. William Hall

    Fantastic quality, the waves have my wife going INSANE!!!, the shipping was very quick for being overseas uk to usa. 10/ 10 will buy again and recommend

  36. Justin Service

    nice item, shipped fast just didnt work well for us

  37. Taylor

    I picked the tall pyramids and I was super satisfied! My order was shipped so quickly and arrived just as fast. The quality is perfect and I loved the color picked for me. So happy with my purchase.

  38. Peculiar Parlour

    Ontop will never be as good again

  39. Tori Phillips

    It’s AMAZING. Can’t wait to save up for my next one.

  40. Kathie Gray

    Very nice texture and color

  41. Mina Kirby

    Perfect! If you’re intimidated by the spikes and other larger-looking options, don’t be! I hesitated because I tend to grind down very hard, but the material is slippery and soft, yet impressively durable.

  42. moggy5001

    Late delivery but not sellers fault at all it was Royal mail.

  43. Tel

    Shipping to Indiana, USA, was very quick! Ring quality is fantastic. Very soft and stretchy. GF absolutely loves this ring and its perfeft for me too. Definitely will be ordering more!

  44. anthonytonywm

    My wife said it was ok. She said it was a little to slick,she would like to have one that is rough or harder. Any recommendations? Thanks Tony and Paula

  45. Emilee Grimes

    I was super excited to try this and it’s definitely a 10/10.

  46. QuickNick

    I highly highly recommend getting this. Wow, my wife loved it. When I say loved it I mean where has this thing been our whole lives. Bed was soaked after the first time we used it. If you’re thinking about getting stop thinking and just buy it. It’s definitely worth it.

  47. Katie McLean

    I love this thing! It’s cute, feels amazing, and my partner enjoys it, too! I got the big waves in a random color. I like that they asked if there was any specific color your didn’t want.

  48. cirrusprime

    Very effective, the spikes are just right in terms of softness, great colour, thank you!

  49. Claire Kayser

    So I got the spiky one after reading reviews that it wasn’t too rough. Tried with my husband and really couldn’t feel a thing. I’ll give it a try solo and see.

  50. Danielle Lopez

    Beautiful piece, very clean quality and quite enjoyable 🖤 my partner and I both love it

  51. Heather King

    These came yesterday. I came yesterday. Ha. 10/10. Amazing for just that little bit of extra friction.

  52. tifflynn05

    High quality item, easy to clean, beautiful color, and hand made with care! Fast shipping too!

  53. pfearnow

    Let’s just say, if this was a car, it’d get you where you’re going in a hurry.

  54. Amanda Schlosnagle

    Good quality product! Love the color

  55. George

    Nice squishy feeling, wasn’t sure if it would be comfy/soft but it is, easy to clean and feels good

  56. Amy

    Awesome, lived up to expectations! Fast shipping.

  57. Jenna Geise

    Great item! Delivered faster than I had anticipated!

  58. shane humenyik

    Gonna take it for a test drive after kids go to bed

  59. Jacob Ayala

    Let me lead by saying, I bought the tall spikes. My wife and I used this for the first time and naturally it had a learning curve to get the positioning and pressure correct, but when she found the right spot and pressure she FOUND it. Can’t wait to try it again and possibly get a different one!

  60. Rachel Watson

    great quality and matched expectations perfectly

  61. Alex Darke

    quick, efficient, and quality product.

  62. Quinten

    10/10 My wife wants one in every color. Dont be afraid of the big pyramids either. Lots of stimulation and so much fun. Will be ordering from again soon.

  63. CS (verified owner)

    I got the standard waves in a random colour and shipping was so fast I’d got it in just a few days. Well what can I say omg omg, I’m now going to buy more. Only tried it with a toy solo and it’s soo good I will try the higher grind on my next purchase. 10/10

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