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Welcome to the Pant’n’Moan Collection, the only collection that follows the season trends so now your fabulous classic blue dress can be beautifully complemented with an equity stunning dildo, butt plug or ball gag we don’t know where your wearing that beautiful dress.

Just like seasonal trends the Pant’n’Moan collection is here until Autumn and then the colours will be gone. But don’t worry the Autumn and Winter colours will then be available. So get them while you can and stay a head of the curve or sit on the curve the choice is yours.

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Spring/Summer Colours

1 Watermelon Kiss, 10 Make Me Blush, 11 Rusty Heart, 12 Witch's Brew, 2 Butterscotch Drizzle, 3 Sea Witch Blue, 4 Minty Mermaid, 5 Forest Nymph, 6 Elsa's Dream, 7 Dragon's Breath, 8 Mystic Waters, 9 Not Quite White

Pant'n'Moan Product

OffBeat Grande, OffBeat Venti, Apex (L), Apex (S), Ambit (S), Ambit (M), Ambit (L), Skrue (S), Skrue (M), XI (S), XI (M), Absolem (S), Absolem (M), Apprentice, Ball Gag, Peg, Plug B (L), Plug B (S), Adam 6inch, Adam 8inch, Hercules (M), Hercules (L), Hercules (S)


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