Affordable Packaging – Can It Be True?

Packaging has been a topic of decision now for well over 6 months. When we started GODEMICHE we wanted to offer the most affordable product we would, proper packaging is just an added expense that we identified as wasteful and unnecessary.

Unfortunately this isn’t something that everyone also believes, some businesses are reassured by packaging, some bloggers referred to items coming in a non luxurious plastic bag as letting down the item, even on makes people wanted packaging. We have tried to educate people in our way of thinking but to be honest as a small run business we don’t have the financial backing to continue trying to change the world when it comes to reducing packaging waste.

So we have had to compromise, we are now and will continue to package items in more appropriate and professional looking packaging, but most importantly its the most AFFORDABLE packaging we could find that complements the GODEMICHE style.

Price, it’s something that obviously we have had increase, in fact it was at the very top of our list ‘HAS TO BE AFFORDABLE’ and yes it was in capitals. Our goal is for everyone to have access to affordable, unique, beautiful toys and any packaging would also have to follow these beliefs.

All Adam’s and Ambit’s have been increased by £5, The Peg has been increased by £3 and the Plug-B small and large have been increased by £2.

As you can see we have done everything we can to keep all of our items affordable.

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