Money Bitch

Money Bitch

So way back, months go in May we were asked by Miss Stryker if we could make a dildo with fake money in.

It’s not a request we get every day so was intrigued and started to ask why. For us, everything has a ‘why’ and when we can find the why and understand it we can create for it. An example of this is our Plug-B and Peg, they were created to give newcomers to anal pleasure an enjoyable experience, our Qube design was a way of recycling dildos that went wrong, everything has a why.

It turns out Miss Stryker has a custom strap on harness with the words ‘capitalism’ written on it and wanted a dildo with money in to go with it. You can see it starts to become clear, you have the word ‘capitalism’ written on something for a reason, the rebellious, non-confirmative almost child like attitude to societies sometimes brain washed views of how the world should be, what right, what’s wrong. We found our why.

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We can relate to not bucking the trend, going against the grain and wanting to stick it to the man so this had to be as much of a statement as the very word, it had to make people look in disbelief and have some strong emotion, either I love it or it’s so ridiculous your stupid to even make it. It had to be polarising, divide opinions and not be a meek, weak statement. But we wanted the delicate, elegance or craftsmanship to be unanimously loved, love or loathe the idea but appreciate and respect the elegance of work. Yes, it’s a fine line to walk but one we wanted to walk from the beginning.

For this to be a statement it had to be real money and it had to be considered a substantial amount, $40 – £40 we agreed would be the lowest amount we would put in! Really we want to be putting $100 – £100, even $200 inside the dildo.

The first idea was to write ‘Money Bitch’ in black marker on the money so your can see it through the silicone, concerns over defacing money came up and we actually think it would have been a step too far. By almost paying respect to the currency, cleverly and carefully encapsulating it as a key feature we feel brings more elegance to the creation, a black marker would not have given it that air of class. This backhanded compliment draws a little attention away from the very fact it’s inside a dildo.

The dildo was finished off with a gold base,the reason we chose gold was because it again adds to the overall why of what we wanted to achieve. We are all fascinated by gold, but the saying ‘money is the root of all evil’ just seems to go hand in hand with the likes of blood diamonds, illegal gold trades, the beautiful raw materials.

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