Twelve sexy gifts better than a dozen roses

Godemiche Silicone Dildo Be My Valentines Love Hearts

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” ~ Charles M. Schulz

Yes February the 14th is around the corner, the day of gifts for the one you love. A little chocolate can definitely work but here are some other alternative ideas for you to consider for treating your beloved.

One Of A Kind Luxurious Box Set

So let’s start with something utterly unique. This beautiful gift of a creative collaboration between us, Godemiche and Wicked Woods. The box is hand crafted by Wicked Woods from Sycamore and off set with bands of Indian Rosewood. Inside the beautiful rippled Sycamore has been carved to fit perfectly around an Ambit, Peg & Plug-B. This really is a one of a kind product and would make a very special Valentine gift for someone.

Earls Court Titanium Cock Ring

Not all rings are meant to be worn on your fingers and this one most certainly is not. This beautiful cock ring is designed to fit perfectly against the contours of your body. It is made from titanium and available in a selection of stunning colours. What better way to celebrate Valentines than gifting your lover this very sexy ring for them to wear with pride, or should that be, on their pride?

Silver ‘Barbed wire love’ collar

Would any Valentines gift list be complete without some jewelry on it? I think not, but that does not mean there needs to be anything traditional about it and this stunning creation by Inofa will I think appeal to those looking for a more kinky gift to give to their partner. You will have to be quick though because if you want if for Valentines then you need to order by the 1st Feb. However if you have missed that then maybe the Silver Dagger pendant might be worth looking out because not only does it look beautiful but it sharp enough to be put to actual sensation play use.

Soy Wax Penis Candles

Of course not all Valentine gifts need to be romantic maybe you are looking for something a little more fun and playful in that case I think these Penis Candles might be just the thing. Made in the exact same mold as the Adam dildo they have a burn time of around 9 hours and the low burn temperature means they are also idea for wax play.

Vamp ~ 3 colour goth inspired wax play set

While we are on the subject of candles I really could not resist including this beautiful set of Gothic coloured candles. Blog red, deep purple and black these soy candles are ideal for wax play. They come gift wrapped in their own little box and I am sure will take the breath away of any wax play lover out there.


Blood Red Ambit

Godemiche Silicone DIldo Blood Red Effulgence Ambit

Did someone say blood red? Indeed they did and if that caught your eye then why not buy a beautiful blood red Ambit from the Effulgence range. Not only is this a stunning red colour but it is also quite literally sparkles and shines. Oh and if blood red is not your thing there are 10 other gorgeous colours to pick from.


Special Edition Valentine’s Figure 8 Cuff

If you and your partner enjoy a bit of bondage then this gift is surely the one for you. It is a special edition of Kink Crafts figure 8 cuff that comes in black with red hearts woven into it. It also comes in 6 different sizes so no matter whose wrists you are buying it for I am pretty confident they will have one that fits you.

Large Heart Pocket Crop

Nothing says I love you, or maybe that should say I love to spank you, than a heart shaped crop. They come in a variety of colours with option for lambs wool or cow hair on one side or alternatively just plain English Bridle leather and if none of that works then you can get in touch with Jack and order something bespoke.

The Tutor

One of the best gifts you can give a person is a really good book and you can’t go wrong with K.D Grace’s new novel The Tutor; An erotic romance with a difference as one of the characters can’t stand to be touched but that makes for a unique tale of lust, love and romance as Lex and Kelly discover there is more to intimacy than just touch.

Rainbow Fun Flogger

How about gifting someone a bit of rainbow colour this Valentine? Of course who gets to feel the rainbow really depends on if you like to give or receive but either way this absolutely gorgeous creation by Daisy Flogger’s will definitely add a swish of colour to your Valentine and maybe your bottom too.


Be My Valentine

And if none of these grab your attention?  Not to worry because the Be My Valentine range has the answer. Every product in the range has floating red hearts all the way down the translucent body and into the tip. You can choose from; Adam 6 inch dildo, Adam 8 inch dildo, Ambit dildo, Peg, Plug-B Small or Plug-b Large and they range in price from £15 – £50 so whatever your budget there will be something in this selection to fit it.

Remember it does not really matter what gift you give for Valentine as long as it comes from the heart but hopefully this list might inspire you to give something from the heart and the loins.

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