LIVE CHAT 18th April

LIVE CHAT 18th April

How time flies, it feels like only yesterday that we were getting ready for a live chat and now it is time for another.  Below is what we will be discussing.

CBT Party

I (Adam) was invited to a CBT party last week, this wasn’t a Compulsory Bike Test Party it was a Cock and Ball Torture Party. Now I’d be happy to say I don’t mind male chastity, I think its looks great as penis jewellery and can add to a good teasing but I really REALLY can’t wear them for long, let alone through the night! I’m also definitely not the kind of person that likes my balls being hit, punched or even squeezed, so the very thought of a ball torture party was WORRYING but I accepted the invite and was actual looking forward to it.

The party was organised by the amazing Kamanth and was held at Fred Pinch’s house. I’ve seen and admired the handy work Fred for as long time so the opportunity to meet him and talk was worth the possibility of having my balls crushed. Fred was an amazing guy and getting the chance to chat shop with him and see his products up close and in use was mind blowing.

Big thanks to Kamanth and Raven for inviting me, I had so much fun clothed while you were all naked having your balls crushed and spanked, but there will always be next time.

Name That Plug

The NEW plug still has not been launched because it still doesn’t have a name. This is where you all come in, we are going to be asking you to name the plug, we pick 4 names from all your suggestions that we like and then you will get to vote on the 4 names to fond the ultimate winner. All this is COMING SOON so keep your eyes and ears open.


We will or will have (depending on when you read this) drawn the 4 winners for the Pastel Competition. The winning colour was Paris Green so if you picked and commented that colour you could be one of the winning four.

This is how the colours ranked in ascending order;
Joint 5th Peach Puff and Mellow Yellow
4th Princess Perfume
3rd Electric Lavender
2nd Blue Lagoon
And 1st with a staggering majority of over 70% of the votes going to Paris Green.

The winners will be drawn from a fish bowl LIVE on our LIVE CHAT tonight, 18th April at 10PM UK time.


General Q&A you ask the questions live and we answer them or you can leave us a question below in the comment form and we will answer it this evening during our live chat.

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