Hercules The Silicone Legend

Hercules The Silicone Legend

Enough talking it’s now time to officially launch the NEW Greek silicone legend, Hercules.

Inspired By Greek Mythology

Gradually ideas began to develop on how we could create larger toys that had character, personality, a story to tell and were different to other fantasy toy makers out there.

Greek mythology is littered with legendary stories of Gods, humans, beast and creatures all with captivating mythology behind them, or as we see it, the most amazing stories to tell. We found our GODEMICHE style.

The Collection

Hercules is the first toy in this collection. Each collection will consist of 3 toys whose stories are interwoven and linked in Greek mythology.

The Hercules collection is going to revolve around it’s namesake and what follows next will be 2 of the creatures that this mighty God slayed.

We have plans for a further 3 collections each one consisting of 3 toys inspired by one of the Greek Myths. Which ones? I hear you ask, well that will have to remain a mystery…for now.


Size matters, some people want it small others want it extra-large. The call for larger toys is something we have heard and plan to address with the Greek collections.

This Greek hero has an impressive shaft, 7 inch/17.78cm circumference (2.2 inch/5.58cm diameter) at the base and 6 inches/15.24cm (1.9 inch/4.83cm diameter) at the uncut head. The thinnest section of this Greek hero is just below the head of the penis, 5.7 inches/14.48cm circumference (1.8inches/4.57 diameter).

For now that is the only size option but we have plans to make Hercules in a variety of size options.

Harness Play

Hercules has also been made to be harness compatible and will need a 60mm O-ring on a strong strap on harness. If you play with a Vac Lock’s then we can adapt your Hercules to be compatible.

Are you becoming a fantasy company?

We create products that people want incorporating our own GODEMICHE twist into them. Larger toys have been something people have been requesting for a very long time. What the Greek collections allow is us as a company to do is bring new products to those customers that have character, style and quality while being noticeably different. What the fantasy element allows is for use to be really creative in what we make, the textures, the visual appeal and the story that we build in to the product, making it uniquely Godemiche in style . As with every GODEMICHE toy we want you to fall in love with it, for you to truly admire your new toy and be a proud owner of a GODEMICHE and the Hercules is our newest temptation that we have for you.

Buy now

Currently if you want to own one of these glorious Greek giants then you can only do that directly from us. The Hercules is only available in one size for now but in our usual style the colour options are extensive and of course if you want a colour combination we have not listed then contact us and we can discuss a custom order with you.

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