LIVE CHAT 25Th April

LIVE CHAT 25Th April

Welcome to another weekly live chat update. If you missed us live then we have outlined what we spoke about below and if you are looking for links to things we talked about you can find them here too.

No Name Plug

Back in March we attended Eroticon, before attending we asked those going what they would like to see us make while we were there.  Anal textured cool shaped thing was the general theme of what people wanted to see. So now it’s made, it looks great but it’s still missing a name and we would like you, our fans, followers, friends and family to help name it. After all it’s been a community driven product so we feel that same community should also have its say in naming it.

See the full blog post about the competition HERE and leave your name recommendations there too.

Sex Toii Launch Party

Sex Toii is an Apple and Android mobile phone app that describes its self as Tinder for sex toys. We were invited to the launch party down in Chelsea, London and it was great. Highlights of the evening were meeting Sarah Forbs, Kate Moyle, Cathy White and Alix Fox. All in all it was a long and enjoyable day that started at 3pm and ended at 3am, keep your eyes peeled for a video/vlog  about this coming soon.

Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar

Last Sunday (23rd April) we attended The BBB for the first time and took the new Hercules with us. The people we have met and talked to at the BBB and LAM were a driving factor in making the larger than life Hercules so we was SUPER excited to see what some of those people thought about but sadly the place was deserted. The weekend clashed with the Whitby Goth Festival,  an amazing event that I highly recommend. It was the place where I drank a pint in the sun while sitting in the back of a funeral hearse, an experience that I will never forget. However sadly, on this occasion it meant that the BBB was very very quiet and we didn’t really get to discover what people think to the Hercules but there will be another time.

Hercules Launch

Everything is now sorted and the Hercules goes on sale on the 27th April. It will be sold exclusively on our site GODEMICHE and UberKinky in the UK. Currently we have no deals outside of the UK with any other retailers but as always we will deliver anywhere in the world at as reasonably priced rates as possible.

There will also be a launch blog for the Hercules with all the information in there so keep your eyes open for that one.

Remember we will be back the same time next week live on Facebook, Instagram Live and Twitter Live at 10PM UK Time.

Have fun an stay colourful

Adam and Monika

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