Live Chat June 13th Cancelled

Live Chat June 13th Cancelled

Live chat is cancelled this week, back to the normal schedule next week. But below is a little update on the week.

Internet arrives in a month

The big thing this week has been having the internet installation sorted at our new offices, well booked in, more on the road to sorted than sorted itself. It’s booked in for July 4th, yes over 3 weeks way. You haven’t been seeing things in the office quite as often as normal and that is because we have no internet signal in the new office. Its frustrating but the end is in sight.

Clean images

I’ve been promising some super sex images of the things we make and this week you have had just a little taste of what’s to come. It’s been crazy for Helix toys this week so we took the opportunity to take pictures right after taking the toys out the mold and boy are they nice. We are super pleased with how easy it is becoming to share with you as many of the unique and beautiful colour combinations of our toys as we can.

Live Q&A

Back next week

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