We would like to sincerely and profusely apologise for our stupid and thoughtless comments published in our Instagram story about pubic hair.

As a company we have always strived to be the best we can, to make a quality product, to give excellent customer service and to promote and be part of an industry in a sex positive way. We believe that everyone and by that we mean EVERYONE has a right to a healthy, happy and positive sex life whatever that might mean for them.

We also apologise for the delayed response in putting out this statement, at the time of realising our mistake we were out at an event where no mobile phones were allowed.

We have let ourselves and the community down, worse we have angered and upset the very people we set out to please and help, for that we are truly sorry. We will strive to learn from our mistake while continuing to make the positive changes we are making in the industry.

We are and will continue to be a customer driven company that is socially immersive, seeking to educate, stimulate and actively participate in movements that benefit all aspect of sexuality and the adult industry.

We again sincerely apologise to all of you.

Adam and Monika

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Ask Adam Thoughts of a Lady in a Strap On

The thought of a lady wearing a strap on with the intention of inserting it into someone’s ass hole is quite daunting for many men. But the fact of the matter is it’s the dark secret desire that millions of heterosexual men have, to be taken, dominated even, by a beautiful lady.

Being fucked by a woman wearing a strap on is called ‘Pegging’, it’s nothing new and has been around for years, being enjoyed by the minority while the majority naively miss out on a whole new world of sexual pleasure. So don’t feel ashamed for being intrigued about pegging, instead feel empowered with the knowledge that you will soon be having a whole new sex life that gives you bigger more powerful orgasms and the majority of the world will be missing out.

There are questions I get asked on a regular basis by people titillated by the thought of pegging, so I’m going to answer a couple to help say you get to the pleasing strap on world you are so intrigued by.

Q. How do I tell my partner that I want her to peg me?

A. There is no simple answer for this I’m afraid, you know your partner better than anyone so you should have a good idea how she might react. Start with what you know, if you have an adventurous sex life and she likes anal then tell her you would like to experience prostate pleasure. You could talk about prostate toys, something you could wear during sex to give you a better orgasm. Once you are there it is a simple step to strap-ons and one that hopefully she will be very open minded to having already explored some anal play with you.

If you think your partner maybe be less experienced or adventurous then I’d recommend starting off by talking about fantasy’s, just gently drop it in at the right time and then give them a chance to ponder it. You could also start by asking her about her orgasms, does she has different types, if she has a G-spot orgasms, how they feel, what’s different about the way they feel to other orgams and then you have the perfect chance to say ‘They say the male equivalent of the G-spot is called the prostate found in the bum’. It will clearly take some time to get to the stage of discussing strap-on play, it really will depend on how your partner reacts to subtle conversations, but often people can surprise you once you start a conversation going. One thing is for sure taking your time and talking a lot about it are the steps you need to be taking so as slow or as fast as you and your partner feel comfortable with is the key.

Q. I want to try pegging but am worried it’s going to hurt!

A. The anus is a muscle and it will safely stretch, but if you use something too big and too quick you can cause yourself some real damage and you will be in pain. So take your time start with something small like a finger, a prostate toy or a butt plug until you feel relaxed and comfortable with the new feelings. When you’re on edge and anxious your body will contract your sphincter (the ring of muscle at the opening of your bum) tightly making penetration even harder and potentially adding to your anal experience being a little painful. So relax, your experimenting with your loved one who too is experimenting, you should feel at ease and hopefully even closer as a couple.

Lube is also something that SO MANY people overlook and if they use it, often don’t use enough for anal. Your bum isn’t a self-lubricating orifice so use lots, plenty on you and plenty on the toy. Lube is a godsend when it comes to all anal play. It is going to make anal so much more enjoyable and easier. I’d generally recommend a good anal lube as it’s generally thicker in consistency and designed for use with the bum. If you want a general lube then water based lubes can be used with everything, but will need to be reapplied depending how long you play for. A silicone lube is very slippery and last for ages but it can destroy your sex toys if you use it with the wrong ones so be careful.

Q. I’m not gay! Why would I want something up my ass?

A. You don’t have to be gay to enjoy anal sex and having a beautiful woman pleasing you is the polar opposite to what a gay man would enjoy even if it does include receiving anal. Having the most powerful orgasm you have ever had is an option and one you choose yourself. You can be lead by society’s norms and live your life without experiencing anal and the best orgasm you have ever had or you can cast those worries aside and take the plunge into something new and find out exactly what it is like for yourself.

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Live Chat June 13th Cancelled

Live chat is cancelled this week, back to the normal schedule next week. But below is a little update on the week.

Internet arrives in a month

The big thing this week has been having the internet installation sorted at our new offices, well booked in, more on the road to sorted than sorted itself. It’s booked in for July 4th, yes over 3 weeks way. You haven’t been seeing things in the office quite as often as normal and that is because we have no internet signal in the new office. Its frustrating but the end is in sight.

Clean images

I’ve been promising some super sex images of the things we make and this week you have had just a little taste of what’s to come. It’s been crazy for Helix toys this week so we took the opportunity to take pictures right after taking the toys out the mold and boy are they nice. We are super pleased with how easy it is becoming to share with you as many of the unique and beautiful colour combinations of our toys as we can.

Live Q&A

Back next week

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Ask Adam – Prostate Orgasms

The very second you mention prostate play around men eyebrows raise and a chilling silence tends to fall. Ironically most men want to know about prostate play but are afraid to let other men know because they fear it might lead to someone questioning their sexuality.

I’ve seen and witnessed it first-hand countless times where a rowdy group of guys turns into individuals asking me questions in private about prostate play. So I’ve decided to share some of the burning questions I have often been asked and my honest answers to those questions here on our blog.

Is a prostate orgasm that good?

Yes it is! Well in my experience it is.

Although the feeling will slightly differ from person to person a prostate orgasm is a more intense, more powerful orgasm that can be felt throughout your body,. Sometimes you hear this being called a full body orgasm.

Lots of man have described a prostate orgasm as more intensive, explosive and that more semen is produced when ejaculating. I would agree with all three of those statements.

More ejaculate is produced because the prostate is stimulated/massaged and the prostate is responsible for making prostatic fluid, the main component in semen. All that pre-cum glaze you get, the hot, hard and excited wet, stuff well that is classed at prostatic fluid. The muscles of the prostate gland also help to propel this fluid into the urethra during ejaculation thus account for the fact that prostate orgasms can often feel more intense.

I like the idea of an immense orgasm, but I don’t think I could let her fuck me in the ass!

Who said she had to fuck you to experience a prostate orgasm. I’d personally recommend you try a hands free prostate toy that you can use during normal heterosexual sex. That way you can fuck her doggy, fuck her missionary, fuck her how you like and let the prostate stimulator do the work to give you that more intense orgasm. I also believe that it is the best way to experience your first prostate orgasm as there is very little difference to your sexual activity other than popping in the prostate massager. It also allows you to remain in control of what is happening while experiencing a prostate orgasm.

Do I have to put things in my ass to experience a prostate orgasm?

No you don’t.

The simplest and most common way to stimulate your prostate is through the anus and for pressure to be applied through the rectum wall using a finger or toys.

However you can also stimulate your prostate through the urethra. That is the hole at the end of your penis where your pee and ejaculate comes out. Using special surgical steel urethral sounds that are carefully and slowly inserted down the urethra you can stimulate your prostate.

This is not for the faint-hearted mind you as the steal sounds have to travel down the the penis to the base and then cure back up to stimulate the prostate.

In my opinion anal sounds so much more fun now doesn’t it?

Anal hurts don’t it?

Anal does NOT hurt if done correctly, if you fail to follow some super simple things; take your time and lots of lube, then yes it is most likely going to hurt. Your anus is a muscle that’s is densely packed with nerve endings and for any beginner it’s imperative you take your time to work up to anal penetration.

Taking it slow will allow your body to relax and most importantly the muscles in the anus to relax. Its going to feel strange the first time as your body is generally used to things coming out of the anus and not going in. Relaxing and using plenty of lubricant are key to a pain free anal experience.

Once you have experienced anal a couple of times you will find that it gets easier and will eventually be able to slip in lubed up toys without so much build up because your boys is accustomed to the sensation.

For lots more advice and tips about pain free anal sex check out our post: Anal Should Not Hurt!

My partner won’t be in to that.

I know it is not really a question but it is one of the things I regularly hear from men when talking about prostate orgasms and I always say,

“How do you know. Have you actually asked them?

And the answer is always no.

Its possible that your partner might not be in to giving you anal, the idea of it just might not work for her. Alternatively she might just have never considered it before, especially if you have shown no interest in it and it is equally as likely that she might be thrilled by the idea of exploring prostate play with you. The truth is you will never know how they feel about it if you don’t ask.

Remember the odds are in your favour as you, hopefully, know your partner better than anyone else which can help you decide when would be a good time to bring the subject up. I agree its not the type of subject you can bring up at any time so think about when would be the best time and how you can broach the subject. For example you could talk about fantasies that you have had or share a piece of sexy fiction that includes prostate orgasms in the story. You could even be looking for a new sex toy together and happen to look at prostate massagers. Talking about it at the right time will ensure you are both in the same frame of mind and both open to new ideas, even if your partner is unsure asking at the right moment will allow her to think about it opposed to point blank refusing. Also remember that her reluctance might be because she feels she lacks knowledge on how to give you that type of pleasure, if that is the case then sharing posts like this with her can definitely help.

One final thought

DO NOT PESTER your partner. That is the quickest way to get a no and to piss your other half off. She might just need time to think about it and do her own research. Give her some time and space to do that. If after a while nothing seems to have changed then you can definitely try discussing the subject again but remember to do so in such a way that it does not sound like you are applying pressure. Try to encourage her to talk about her thoughts and feelings on the subject so that you explore the whole thing together.

Ask Questions?

I’m sure you do have more questions that need answering and I’d be happy to answer them for you. You can either leave a comment below or email me (adam@g-silcone.com) and I will do my best.


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Anal should NOT Hurt!

‘I don’t like anal because it hurts’

I hear some version of this one sentence so often and it infuriates me. Anal play should never be painful and so I’m going to explain why you might have had a painful anal experience and what you can do to change that and have a pleasurable one in the future

Why does anal hurt?

I’ve spoken to hundreds if not thousands of people over the past couple of years who have said anal hurts and 98% percent of the time it comes down to two simple and completely avoidable problems.

  1. Too big to fast
  2. Not enough lubricant

It’s that simple and my advice has always been slow down, size down and use lots of lube.

Too big to fast

Eager guys are the worst for this. They are the guys who get so excited by the idea of fucking their partner in the ass they try putting their junk in the trunk in 10 seconds flat and that’s always going to be a no no even for those who enjoy regular anal sex.

Advice for the eager guy – A vagina is very different to the bum and because she might like your penis quickly thrust in to her vagina does not mean she’s going to enjoy the same for her bum.

The bum entrance (the anus), the bit you can see, is a group of muscles that are designed to keep things in, when your body wants to let things out those muscles relax and expand.  Let me say that again the muscles RELAX and EXPAND, it’s very important that you remember that.

In its simplest form the two muscles in the bum are within the first 1 to 1.5 inches, the first muscle is designed to push things out and the second muscle is designed to pull things in. Together they create a perfectly designed push and pull operating system.

First time advice – because of the way the two muscles work putting a bum toy in is always slow because you’re pushing against a muscles that pushes out. When you get a little bit in you will likely have the toy pulled in to the bum. Don’t worry its OK the second set of muscles are doing exactly what they are designed to do,trying to pull the toy into your bum.

As with other muscles in the body a little stretching helps stop any pain. So the very first example I can think of would be touching your toes, I personally could not touch my toes without getting loads of pain in the calf and thigh muscles, but I don’t stretch them! If I were to stretch, then I’d be able to touch my toes no problem and pain free and the bum is exactly the same.

Your first anal experience should be SLOW with a finger or a toy no bigger than your finger. DON’T use something bigger and don’t go trying to squeeze your cock in, if you do, then expect it to hurt which is not only unpleasant but could potentially put your partner off from ever wanting to try again. You should also read our guide using Butt Plugs as there is lots of useful information there about making anal play fun

Anal is not a race! It is always best when taken slowly. If you rush the chances are you will only ever do it once because the memory is a painful one. So slow and easy will defiantly win the anal experience.

Not enough lubricant

Lube is your friend, lube is your very best friend, lots of lube is a bums best best friend!

Unlike the vagina the bum does not self-lubricate so no matter how excited, turned on and willing you or your partner is the bum will still be dry and NEED lubricant. Don’t be shy with the lube either put it on the toy, around the bum, inside the bum, yes inside the bum.


Start off by applying the lube onto your finger and around the bum hole. Take your time, as I said, slow and easy is the best way. Use your finger to massage the lube all around the entrance to the bum, giving your partner time to relax and enjoy the sensation. If you are going to try using a small toy then add plenty of lube to that too and also use that to massage the area. Keep adding lube as you go. When the outer muscles starts to relax a little and the toy or your finger starts to slide in, stop, take it out and add even more lube. Repeat a few times so that you are slowing introducing the lube to the inside of the anal cavity. Once you get your finger or the toy in place and you are both loving it don’t get too carried away and forget to keep regularly adding more lube.

Continuing to add plenty of lube will, I promise, make the experience much more enjoyable.

Personal tip – We only use a high quality silicone lube. The silicone lube doubles as a massaging oil that also helps to relax and it also makes for a perfect vaginal as well as anal sex lube, it’s our 3 in one fun lube.

And another thing

I want to add two words of warning when it comes to anal play…

  1. If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition relating to the bowel, then please avoid anal play. If you really want to play then seek advice from a specialist, there are many sexual health charities and organisations you can call anonymously to ask for advice.
  2. Desensitizing lubricant – personally I would recommend staying away from lubricant that numb and desensitizes the bum. Pain is a great indicator that you’re doing something wrong, if you can’t feel the pain then you far more likely to cause someone injury and off if you are masking the pain you might also be masking the pleasure.

You Can Enjoy Anal if You Want to

Just listen, read and acknowledge the two very simple key thing, slow and steady with lots of lube and you’re on the way for some seriously enjoyable anal fun and it’s all pain free. Start with a finger and/or a small toy and gradually work your way up to a bigger toy or a penis. Let you body learn and adapt to the new sensation and hopefully add a new pleasurable activity to your sex life.

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Implying Porn

Ok, so I have been truly inspired by last week’s prompt of frames (Molly I never thought I would say that) and ‘He Couldn’t Believe He Did It‘ has also played a part in this image.

I’m fascinated about implying something with a simple image and very few words allowing you, the viewer, to become immersed in your own interpretations and stories, as dirty or as clean as your imagination can make them.

Amature Porn Sinful Sunday

Like photography with a kink then click on the lip to see who else is being sinful this Sunday

Sinful Sunday badge

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The Voyeur

‘I like to watch, listening for the moments of pleasure, waiting for the screams letting me know you just cum all over his cock.’ – Life Of A Voyeur

The Voyeur Sinful Sunday

Click the lips and see who else is being sinful this SundaySinful Sunday badge

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The Final Plug

Here we are on the final stretch of the journey in bringing this product to market.

It all started at Eroticon when we asked people to help us design a new product. We listened to peoples suggestions and during the weekend Adam worked on those ideas and a new butt plug was born. Since then we have used that model to cast a mold and turn that design into an actual product. Now all that is left to do is give it a name.

Last week we are asked you to make your name suggestions and you did so in your droves with well over a 100 people coming up with various different names. Check out this post to read what we thought about some of the names we didn’t select.

We have spent the last few days pondering them all and have finally settled on our favourite four from the bunch and so now, it is over you again, to vote for the one you like the best and next Tuesday evening (9th May 2017) we will reveal during our Live Chat (10pm) which one got the most votes and will therefore be the name for the plug with no name.

Please only vote once but feel free to share this post with as many people as possible and encourage them to vote for their favourite name too.

So what are you waiting for, when was the last time someone asked you to name a butt plug?

[yop_poll id=”1″]

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A Plug with No Name

Back at the beginning of March we attended Eroticon, a conference for sex writers, bloggers and other creatives, down in London. We had a fabulous weekend meeting up with loads of industry people sharing what we do at Godemiche with them and making a new product. Yes, we really did make a new product whilst attending an event.

When creating new toys I have a purpose in mind, a reason for making it with a goal or objective to achieve. All our products have been designed under that umbrella and this one was no different. Before Eroticon we took to Twitter to ask you what you would like us to make and the overwhelming message was for a new anal toy. There was suggestions of shapes and textures and so with all that in mind we set off to London to attend Eroticon and make a new product in the process.

It’s very unlike me to actually ponder over drawings I tend to just allow my hands to work and feel their way to a basic shape and those of you who were at Eroticon you will have seen me wandering around talking while my hands just did very thing, occasionally looking to see what was forming but mainly just feeling my way and by the end of the weekend the initial design for the new product had been born.

Clay model of new butt plug created at Eroticon 2017

Made entirely of clay and two large marbles for the bulbous sections on the shaft. The bulbous section are 1.4inc/3.5cm wide and the smaller narrow sections are 1inch/2.5cm wide
and the plug is 5.1 inch/13cm long with a usable length of 4.5inch/11.5cm. But clearly we had a way to go yet before we had a finished product.

Since that weekend we have worked on getting the new plug from the initial clay model stage to a ready to go to market product but it is still missing something and that is where you lot come in again. This plug was created because people asked for it and so it seems only right that you all continue to be part of the process of getting it on sale and give it a much needed name and in return you could end up being the proud owner of one of these new plugs.

New butt plug in bolt grey

This will be a two step process. Firstly we want to hear your ideas so leave your name suggestions for the Plug With No Name in the comments section below. Then in a weeks time we will go through all the suggestions and pick the four names that we like the best. Those four people will all receive one of the Plugs With No Name as a thank you and then it will be back to you guys for the final vote. We will post the four names and you will all get to vote on which one you like the best and at the end of the voting period the name with the most votes will be the name that this product shall ever more be known by. Oh and the person who suggested that name will get to select which colour they want their plug to be made in.

Terms and Conditions

1. Competition will run from the 22th April to midnight on the 29th April 2017 (UK time)
2. The competition is open world wide
3. You can make as many name suggestions as you wish
4. The 4 winners will be the people who suggested the 4 names that we decided to put forward for the public vote. They will each receive one of the plugs
5. The three runners up (those who’s names don’t win the public vote) will get the plug in a single colour of their choice and the person who suggests the winning name will get to pick any combination of colours for their plug.
6. First round of 4 winners will announced on the 2nd May during our Live Chat and be notified by email on Wednesday 3rd May
7. Final winning name will be announced during the Live Chat on the 9th May and notified by email on Wednesday 10th May

So what are you waiting for, get your thinking caps on and leave your name suggestions in the comments section below.

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See The Light

Respect me. 

Adore me.

Dominate me.

See The Light Sinful Sunday

It’s always a pleasure to take part in Sinful Sunday and seeing the other entries is always fun, inspiring and sometimes eye opening.

See who’s being Sinful this Sunday.

Sinful Sunday badge

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