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Ask Adam - Prostate Orgasms - Godemiche

Ask Adam – Prostate Orgasms

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The very second you mention prostate play around men eyebrows raise and a chilling silence tends to fall. Ironically most men want to know about prostate play but are afraid to let other men know because they fear it might lead to someone questioning their sexuality.

I’ve seen and witnessed it first-hand countless times where a rowdy group of guys turns into individuals asking me questions in private about prostate play. So I’ve decided to share some of the burning questions I have often been asked and my honest answers to those questions here on our blog.

Is a prostate orgasm that good?

Yes it is! Well in my experience it is.

Although the feeling will slightly differ from person to person a prostate orgasm is a more intense, more powerful orgasm that can be felt throughout your body,. Sometimes you hear this being called a full body orgasm.

Lots of man have described a prostate orgasm as more intensive, explosive and that more semen is produced when ejaculating. I would agree with all three of those statements.

More ejaculate is produced because the prostate is stimulated/massaged and the prostate is responsible for making prostatic fluid, the main component in semen. All that pre-cum glaze you get, the hot, hard and excited wet, stuff well that is classed at prostatic fluid. The muscles of the prostate gland also help to propel this fluid into the urethra during ejaculation thus account for the fact that prostate orgasms can often feel more intense.

I like the idea of an immense orgasm, but I don’t think I could let her fuck me in the ass!

Who said she had to fuck you to experience a prostate orgasm. I’d personally recommend you try a hands free prostate toy that you can use during normal heterosexual sex. That way you can fuck her doggy, fuck her missionary, fuck her how you like and let the prostate stimulator do the work to give you that more intense orgasm. I also believe that it is the best way to experience your first prostate orgasm as there is very little difference to your sexual activity other than popping in the prostate massager. It also allows you to remain in control of what is happening while experiencing a prostate orgasm.

Do I have to put things in my ass to experience a prostate orgasm?

No you don’t.

The simplest and most common way to stimulate your prostate is through the anus and for pressure to be applied through the rectum wall using a finger or toys.

However you can also stimulate your prostate through the urethra. That is the hole at the end of your penis where your pee and ejaculate comes out. Using special surgical steel urethral sounds that are carefully and slowly inserted down the urethra you can stimulate your prostate.

This is not for the faint-hearted mind you as the steal sounds have to travel down the the penis to the base and then cure back up to stimulate the prostate.

In my opinion anal sounds so much more fun now doesn’t it?

Anal hurts don’t it?

Anal does NOT hurt if done correctly, if you fail to follow some super simple things; take your time and lots of lube, then yes it is most likely going to hurt. Your anus is a muscle that’s is densely packed with nerve endings and for any beginner it’s imperative you take your time to work up to anal penetration.

Taking it slow will allow your body to relax and most importantly the muscles in the anus to relax. Its going to feel strange the first time as your body is generally used to things coming out of the anus and not going in. Relaxing and using plenty of lubricant are key to a pain free anal experience.

Once you have experienced anal a couple of times you will find that it gets easier and will eventually be able to slip in lubed up toys without so much build up because your boys is accustomed to the sensation.

For lots more advice and tips about pain free anal sex check out our post: Anal Should Not Hurt!

My partner won’t be in to that.

I know it is not really a question but it is one of the things I regularly hear from men when talking about prostate orgasms and I always say,

“How do you know. Have you actually asked them?

And the answer is always no.

Its possible that your partner might not be in to giving you anal, the idea of it just might not work for her. Alternatively she might just have never considered it before, especially if you have shown no interest in it and it is equally as likely that she might be thrilled by the idea of exploring prostate play with you. The truth is you will never know how they feel about it if you don’t ask.

Remember the odds are in your favour as you, hopefully, know your partner better than anyone else which can help you decide when would be a good time to bring the subject up. I agree its not the type of subject you can bring up at any time so think about when would be the best time and how you can broach the subject. For example you could talk about fantasies that you have had or share a piece of sexy fiction that includes prostate orgasms in the story. You could even be looking for a new sex toy together and happen to look at prostate massagers. Talking about it at the right time will ensure you are both in the same frame of mind and both open to new ideas, even if your partner is unsure asking at the right moment will allow her to think about it opposed to point blank refusing. Also remember that her reluctance might be because she feels she lacks knowledge on how to give you that type of pleasure, if that is the case then sharing posts like this with her can definitely help.

One final thought

DO NOT PESTER your partner. That is the quickest way to get a no and to piss your other half off. She might just need time to think about it and do her own research. Give her some time and space to do that. If after a while nothing seems to have changed then you can definitely try discussing the subject again but remember to do so in such a way that it does not sound like you are applying pressure. Try to encourage her to talk about her thoughts and feelings on the subject so that you explore the whole thing together.

Ask Questions?

I’m sure you do have more questions that need answering and I’d be happy to answer them for you. You can either leave a comment below or email me ([email protected]) and I will do my best.


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  1. Hi Adam,
    I am an anal/prostate beginner who has just bought some of your products. Some time ago I asked my partner about her stimulating me anally and she was OK with it, but the idea got put on the back burner for a while. We are now prepared to take up the reins again.

    I am always keen to find out as much as possible about new things, and came across Ruby Ryder’s Pegging Paradise website. The woman is a saint, and has fantastic podcasts on anal stimulation. Podcast #112 deals with the information a woman might want before embarking on an anal journey with her partner, and I can thoroughly recommend her work.

    Are you familiar with her podcasts? She is extremely keen on the use of high quality dildos and plugs, such as the ones you produce.. Finding your website was an absolute joy for me, especially as there is a range of products aimed at anal beginners.


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