Live Chat – 30th May

Live Chat – 30th May

New Office

So it’s now official, we’ve said it WAY TOO MUCH but we have relocated to a much bigger space, 450 square feet approximately and its delightful. The extra space means that we can now organise our systems, from the creating through to the packing making everything a little bit quicker and effective. But the real big thing that you will start to see is images, yes more pictures, we have a space dedicated for videography and photography meaning that we can take a picture and have it on the internet in 6 minutes of taking it out the mould. That’s super quick.

WTF – What The Flop Updated

What The Flop, if you don’t know WTF are items we have made that have little imperfection in them, an air-bubble, fleck of paint, didn’t mix right and sometimes even perfect stock that we have just had a little too long and are looking to move it on.

So we have updated the WTF listing to include 3 Ambit Galaxies, some pastel Ambits and a whole load more so go check them out HERE. But do remember when it’s gone its gone.

Oh Gush

Oh Gush is a blog im currently obsessed with! Rose (aka Oh Gush) discovered she could squirt around the age of 25 and her blog is primarily about squirting! It’s a topic we like it’s something we have a little experience with and well she just makes wonderful post about squirting that I keep reading. Just stop about me loving the blog and go read it and fall in love yourself, begin Gushing HERE

Q&A Live

Always end with a live Q&A, ask your questions and we will answer them live.

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