Live Chat – 6th June

Live Chat – 6th June

iam Meeting

I think its time to discuss more about this ‘iam’ group you might have heard us talking about.

So what is iam?

Simply put iam is a group of small UK businesses that are driven to make positive change for the adult industry and its customers. Once every two months, we all descend on a chosen destination and discuss topics such as sector opportunities, new changes in law, working partnerships, business advice and just generally offering each other support because the road is not a flat one and challenges are always appearing. If it sounds like a big family meeting then you would be right, we are all there looking our for each other, helping each other and being honest with our opinions knowing that sometimes saying the horrible thing is actually the right thing to do.

Who is part of ‘iam’? We dont have a list of ‘who is iam’ yet, however, all of the following companies have attended an iam meeting or discussed the group matters via email or telephone if unable to attend meetings. Those companies are us (GODEMICHE), Kink Craft, Sheets of San Frisco, Knicker Rocker Glory, Doxy, IMP Idears, Voilet Fenn and The Kinksters/ Slube There will be a more formal list appear in the near future.


Back at London Alternative Market last week and despite the recent horrific acts of terror in London the general feeling among the traders and customers was ‘work as normal’. We want to make it clear that we do not condone these cowards acts and our hearts go our to all involved and affected by the matters, you will not hear us talk openly and discuss the matters because we do not feel its appropriate, however quietly and personally we do anything we can or could to support those in need.

Want to visit a fetish market in London? Then we recommend LAM and you can read more about it HERE

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