Live Chat 23rd May – Exciting!

Live Chat 23rd May – Exciting!

Tuesday at 10 pm make sure to reserve the time to have a live chat with G-Team Monika and Adam. It’s going to be our 7th Live Stream on three different platforms. This is the only time where we can be on Facebook, Instagram and Periscope (Twitter) at the same time – We Love Technology! This time we will talk about few things that are very exciting to us and also to our company. Let’s check out what’s on the agenda for tonight:

We’re moving out!

Yep, our office – the workshop is too small already so we’ve decided to find a new bigger place where we can better create and organise our office. It’s been so hectic trying to fulfil the orders, replenish our stock, have a packing place as well as a desk to create new toys but we are ready for this. The contract is signed and it’s only a matter of few days till we’ll be slowly moving our things to the new place.We are very excited about it! I’m sure you’ll be seeing the whole process of it on our IG story and Snapchat.

Godemiche in Poland!

Monika has been pushing Godemiche toys to the polish market. It’s been hard but finally, we can say what has been behind the scenes going on. Only one website reply with a positive feedback that would like to stock our toys. Kinky Winky is an online store which is very different from other retailers. They say – we are a different type of sex shop. They are open-minded and welcome all genders. If you’ve never been in Poland I advise you to go. It’s a beautiful country with loads of gorgeous views and people easily speaking English so no need to worry about communication. But there is a downside, people are not so open about sex. They are still some that think sex should stay in the bedroom. One might even say it’s a conservative country. That’s why KinkyWinky is so great! But we’ll reveal all the details in the live chat. I’m getting too excited!

Go and check their website HERE

Funds from DIT

As a small business, we struggle to attend to the bigger events like Sexpo, Venus etc. It’s always coming down to the expenses. So we’ve asked Department of International Trade for support. We did our best to put our full application in on time and today 22nd May the answer came quiet unexpectedly. It was a big fat Yes! Yes, we will help you to trade, we will support your small UK business. We are very happy! It means a lot especially being in the adult sector it is very hard to do anything including opening bank account, this is a very exciting news. We will celebrate it with a glass of something stronger than coffee.

I’m sure I’ve missed something but don’t worry there will be plenty time to talk tonight. Last but by no means the least is Q&A. We’ll be answering all the questions on the live stream. You can also leave the comment here on the blog and we will get back to it. Come and join us. Remember 23rd May @10pm GMT+1 .

Monika and Adam

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