Live Chat 16th May

Live Chat 16th May

Welcome to 16th May Live Chat

Running it solo

So this week there is no Monika. Everything is OK she is just visiting her family in Poland for a few days.


We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of some Rodeoh strap on harnesses for weeks now. To be honest we have been like little kids in a sweet shop about it. This week they arrived, four, beautiful, all different, harness pants. We asked for them so we can take some really nice pictures of the harnesses and our toys together, like a little tag team of pleasure. The pictures will happen over the coming weeks so keep your eyes open for them.

Bigger office

We have been discussing the possibilities of a bigger space to work in, one that would accommodate dedicated space for packing, sculpture and video-graphy/photography.  This week we went to see a space that ticked all of those boxes, 443 sq. ft of potential for us to use. Something you might hear more about in the coming weeks.

Who do you like?

We have a question for you.

Who would you like to see stocking GODEMICHE toys?

Leave a comment below, tweet us in a message to them, messages on Instagram or tag them in a Facebook comment. We are looking to grow our retailers, to welcome new people to the GODEMICHE way. You’re the people we want to please, so where would you like to have the convenience of getting all your sex needs in one place.

For example, we love that SheVibe has GODEMICHE because if you wanted a sexy lingerie, with a blindfold, some Kegel balls and a GODEMICHE Ambit then you can get them all in one place.

So where do you like to shop, who do you enjoy buying from but wished they had GODEMICHE toys.


As always you ask the questions and we answer them live.

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