GODEMICHE Lifetime Guarantee

Wouldn’t it be great if something lasted a lifetime?

Buy it once and not only will it keep going as long as you do but it will also outlive you

But surely it would cost thousand if not millions?

For many things yes, but not for one of our products because it comes free with every silicone Godemiche item we make.

Silicone is very resilient, a nonporous, hypoallergenic material that doesn’t degrade easily and if treated correctly will last a lifetime and beyond.

We are so confident in our unique blend of silicone that we are offering a lifetime guarantee on all silicone Godemiche toys. If your toy is found to have a manufacturing defect, then we will replace it immediately.

What is even better is orders placed directly with us will not require a receipt for the replacement, a simple tracking back of your details will find your original order, meaning that there is not need to keep your receipt.

Orders placed with a third party supplier will also be honoured but we will need to know a little more information like who you purchased with, when and any receipts or other information you received.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well it’s not. We will honour your lifetime guarantee with any of our silicone products. However, we can not honour this agreement if your found to have neglected the toy. Neglect would be allowing your pets to use it as a chew toy or scratching post, loss, theft or general ill treatment of the product. If you purchased a ‘What The Flop’ then you purchased a defective item at a lesser cost, and the lifetime guarantee will cover the item excluding its known and advertised defects.


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