Livechat 20th June

Livechat 20th June

Extreme heat

Ok so if you’re in the UK then you will have been struggling to escape the heat! Also as you know our office is still without and air-conditioning unit (it gets fitted 27th June and we can’t wait) so in a room with no opening windows and 3 large skylights, the temperature can get a little overwhelming. It’s actually been 33 degrees/ 91.4 Fahrenheit and this has been playing hell with how we make our toys. Simply put our silicone that sets in 16hr has been setting in 1hr 40 min. Yes, the heat has wiped off over 14 hours of time, so we have been making little batches and avoiding complicated mixes like galaxies and Confused rainbows.

So orders have been slower and have been taking us closer to the 5 to 7 days to dispatch.

Monika Taking Pictures Cora Industrial

Abandoned buildings

As many of you might have seen on Instagram this week, Monika has been looking forward to taking some seductive images for her photography course. This week she managed to snatch 3 hours in an abandoned factory building and take some impressive back and white semi-naked images. I’m sure you will see some of the shots appear over the next couple of weeks, but here is one simple image Adam snapped of Monika.

EroFame Stand 188-190

This week it was confirmed that we will be attending our very first business to business trade show at the prestigious eroFame. Two weeks ago we spoke about ‘Iam’ well our adventures to eroFame are as a group, with Sheets of San Francisco, The Kinksters and Doxy. We are SUPER EXCITED but also SUPER SCARED because it’s so much money and it’s just a huge leap into the unknown. We will soon start work on booking in appointments with suppliers and generally getting ready for the event.

Live Q&A

As always we will end with the live question and answer.

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