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The Low Down on Female Ejaculation and Squirting - Godemiche

The Low Down on Female Ejaculation and Squirting

The Low Down on Female Ejaculation and Squirting

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Female ejaculation and squirting have been subjects of interest for centuries, and yet these natural yonic occurrences still carry an unnecessary taboo. As we find ourselves in 2017, female ejaculation is still not widely accepted as a normal sexual response.

Very little scientific research has been undertaken, and in the studies that have been performed only a few women were included as test subjects. The aim of most of these studies has been to pass-off the fluid ejaculated as urine, and incorrectly dismiss the experience as invalid or as ‘sexual incontinence.’

Porn is generally the only exposure we have of squirting in the media, albeit a totally inaccurate portrayal, as it’s frequently misrepresented or faked. Few women are able to squirt on command, or produce the sheer volume of fluid porn actresses appear to be able to have mastered.

Despite the mystery surrounding female ejaculation and squirting, many women experience either or both, at some time in their lives. For some women, like me, squirting is a regular feature of their sex lives and it occurs spontaneously without trying to achieve it.

You may already be a lady ejaculator (or “squirter”) without even realising, as the fluid expelled can be part of the mix of male ejaculate and sexual excretions, or it may not be a significant enough amount to notice.

Female Ejaculation vs Squirting

Female ejaculation and squirting are said to be two different types of phenomena, although both result from female sexual pleasure and can occur separately, or at the same time. Both female ejaculation and squirting usually happen around the time of climax, however they may happen any time during sexual play.

Female ejaculate is whitish in colour and originates from two paraurethral glands, known as the Skene Glands, which are located at the bottom of the urethra. These glands are also known as the ‘female prostate’ as they produce a semen like fluid (minus the sperm!)

Alternatively, the liquid involved in squirting or ‘gushing’ expels from the urethra, and is clearer in colour or slightly opaque, like watered down milk. The volume of lady juice emitted when a woman squirts is commonly larger than its ejaculatory counterpart. Although it’s expelled from the urethra, it is not foul smelling or yellow like urine. 

What Does It Feel like for a Woman to Ejaculate?

 Spoiler: Despite the shroud of mystery and unicorn enigma that surrounds female ejaculation, the type of orgasm experienced when it occurs may not feel much different to the orgasms you are already experiencing. Unless a fair amount of ejaculate is produced, you may not even notice that it’s happened.

Squirting or gushing on the other hand, can be quite impactful. Not only does it produce a seemingly large amount of liquid, the orgasm that follows around the same time can be more powerful than the climaxing without expelling any liquid. My gushing orgasms take hold of my entire body, and leave me with an enormous sense of relief. If I’m wound up or tense prior to having sex, squirting alleviates any tension or anxiety I was previously feeling in a more dramatic way than a sexual session minus the fluid.

A sometimes-inconvenient side effect of being a squirter, is the need to protect the surface I’m having sex on before coitus. The amount of juice I emit is enough to soak the bed sheets, despite it being said that women generally don’t squirt more than an ounce of fluid during an ejaculatory episode.

Unlike non-ejaculatory orgasms*, squirting leaves me feeling highly charged emotionally, and will often cause me to cry despite feeling the opposite of sad or unhappy. I find squirting an incredibly intimate experience, which makes me feel especially connected to my lover. More so, than if I orgasm without it occurring. Perhaps this aspect is psychological, as there is physical evidence of my sexual pleasure sprayed across our bodies and the fabric underneath us.

Factors Involved in Achieving Female Ejaculation

Almost all women have the same genital anatomy, and should therefore technically be able to squirt, although it might not be that straight forward. It could be viewed as a bit of a sexual jigsaw puzzle, as there are generally a number of components involved.

If squirting is a sexual experience you hope to achieve, then it’s essential to get in touch with your G spot. The G Spot is usually located approximately 1.5-3 inches into the vagina, however the exact location differs for all women. For some women, it can be felt as a ridge or slight difference in the texture of the tissue, and others rely on the change in sensation to work out if it has been hit or not. When a woman is aroused the G spot swells, and you might feel the need to urinate.

In order to squirt, your G spot needs to be stimulated. I find the two positions I’m more likely to squirt in are the missionary position, or when I’m being penetrated from behind doggy style. For some women, a vibrator or dildo may be more effective than penis or fingers in locating and arousing the G spot. In particular, a dildo or vibrator with a curved shape or one that is hard as the G spot responds to strong pressure and can take more pressure than the rest of the vagina.

Practice is essential in developing a stronger connection with your sexual self. My strongest piece of advice for any woman wishing to achieve female ejaculation is to masturbate, both solo and with the aid of sex toys to develop a better understanding of themselves and the types of sensations they find pleasurable. By giving yourself regular solo lovin’, it may also enable you to feel more relaxed when having sexual intercourse with your partner, and lead to more satisfying sexual experiences.

Not only is squirting a biological response, it is also a psychological one. A relaxed mental state is a vital component in being able to achieve female ejaculation. Despite squirting being my regular sexual reaction, it has rarely ever happened during a one night stand or with a lover I haven’t felt relaxed or had a strong connection with.

Am I Missing out If I Haven’t Experienced Female Ejaculation?

Due to the hype surrounding female ejaculation and squirting, it may be easy to feel as though you are missing out on something radical or earth-shattering it you haven’t yet been able to achieve an expulsion of fluid during your sexy times. It’s also completely reasonable to want to try all the flavours of the sexual rainbow, and incorporate new and exciting experiences into your life.

However, it is not the be-all and end-all of sexual pleasure. Even if it never becomes a component of your sexual ability, or your body’s sexual response, it doesn’t mean your sex life lacks fulfilment.

If female ejaculation or squirting are not experiences you are unable to achieve at this stage, put your FOMO aside. Focus on experimenting, and continuing to discover pleasurable sexual experiences with yourself and your partner. Who knows, one day it may happen without you even trying.

*Women can cry after orgasm regardless of whether they squirt or not, but in my case it consistently occurs solely post squirting orgasm.

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  1. An informative post thank you. I tried for a long time to achieve squirting. Lots of the practice you recommend. Eventually I got there and have managed 3 times. However the last time was a good while ago and try as I might I can’t seem to recreate it. Maybe I’m putting too much thought into the whole thing and need to stop thinking about it but it was so good. I felt such release of tension as you describe .

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