Ruined Awakening – Sinful Sunday

Ruined Awakening – Sinful Sunday

Ruined Awakening 

There is a story behind this post so bear with me.

Corah and Sons was a manufacturer of hosiery and textiles, located in Leicester. At one time it was the largest knitwear producer in Europe, and its products had a major influence on the development and prosperity of the Marks & Spencer chain of retail stores.

The whole factory survived over 150 years and it still stands to present day. When I saw it for the first time thru the lens of my camera I felt in love. I was on my 8-week  photography course for beginners and we were passing by this abandoned building and I was blown away!

I have to go there! I need to take some pictures! I’ve never been so excited and desperate to do something so crazy.

By the very end of my course when we had to present our final project with specific theme I knew what I was going to do. I wanted to combine portraiture and architecture of Leicester. I had it so fixed in my mind and nobody could even dare to say it’s not going to happen. That wasn’t an option! I’ll tell you one thing  – it was the most amazing and exciting thing I’ve done for a long time! I felt alive again.

I’ve found my escape to be me. Not a mum, cooker, cleaner, hairdresser. Not a business partner, dildo maker, entertainer just being myself and at this moment it’s the most beautiful feeling for me.

Even now my face is smiling cause I want to get back there to take some different shots maybe without a shirt this time…


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  1. Oh wow, wow, wow. I love that photo. I have a great attraction to abandoned buildings. They call to me, I can see their crumbling beauty. I can’t explain just how in love with them I am. This photo is intriguing. I want to see more of this fantastic place.

  2. I so wish I lived closer to you so we could go and explore this place together. This is such a brilliant shot Monika, I think this one might be my favourite of all the ones you have shown me, so far


  3. Fabulous photo !!! . . . There is something quite mystical, even sensual and exciting about derelict buildings. Thinking of all the stories those walls could tell . . . and your photo captures that feeling so well!!!
    Xxx – K

  4. Absolutely loved following this project! Watching your excitement in finding the place, the tearful disappointment you couldn’t take pics when people where there and then the excitement and joy when Adam came along with you in the end.

    The bit that made me laugh the most was watching Adam who is usually so cocky being sort of scared and uncomfortable, the relief on his face when you two got back in the car was worth a picture.

    Can’t wait to see how you develop and grow on your photographic journey.

  5. Oh this is absolutely fabulous! I adore abandoned buildings and this isn’t too far from me either!

    I do hope you go back, I’d love to see what else you could do here 🙂

  6. This is an amazing photo and what a wonderful story to go with it! Your second to last paragraph, about your escape being you, really, really resonated with me. What a wonderful thing, and something I plan to think on as I think that might be it for me as well.

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