Live Chat 27th June

Live Chat 27th June

Monika’s Photography Course

As many of you know Monika has been on a small, evening photography course. This week was the end of the course and Monika is very happy with her final images. You can see the first published image HERE in her Sinful Sunday post this week. The goal now is to get organised so that she can attend a 2-year photography course.

Maximum working temperature

OK so this week has been hot, no its been super HOT. Its reached a staggering 34.9 degrees in our office, we have found that that is also our highest working temperature. Yep we cannot work in heat over 35 degrees just because we cannot slow the process down and it results in things going wrong.

It’s all good now though as finally the air conditioning unit has been installed.


We have been sampling some very very soft silicone, mainly for the Hercules. Our go to silicone is a shore 15A, the soft that we use for the Adam 8 inch is sore 08A but the new silicone is 00-50. What that means is its very very soft.

Ask Adam

Adam has set out to help answer some of the questions we get asked here at GODEMICHE. The first was ‘Prostate Orgasms‘ and the second has been ‘Lady In A Strap On

We would like to know what questions would you like Adam to answer? Post them in the comments section below and we will try and get him to answer them all for you.

The Low Down on Female Ejaculation and Squirting

If you haven’t seen this post by Rose at Oh Gush then I recommend taking a look HERE. We asked Rose to write a helpful post on squirting because it’s something that interests us and also we feel is often misunderstood by people. There is no need for me to waffle on about it, just know it’s a REALY GOOD READ.

Live Q&A

Your questions answered by us, live.

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  1. What a fantastic photo Monika , can’t wait to see more. Loving the posts too especially the squirting and prostate one. Much love xx

    1. Thank you Pinkgilly15, I really enjoyed taking the picture and are pleased you like them. Yes, the squirting post is GREAT but that’s all thanks to Oh Gush.

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