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    I like this photo more than I can say. colours and pose, and feeling it is all there – well done

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    Beautiful subject and imagr

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    This is super interesting. Like the subtlety of the skin in the shot.

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    Interesting shades and shadows created by the light.

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    What an excellent use of an empty car park! Really stunning shot… and it feels a bit sinister to me too, the way your right arm is covered in darkness and the left arm is in light – like there’s a shadow creeping across your body.

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    Another beautifully intriguing photo Monika !!!
    Xxx – K

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    Wow this is fantastic! So beautifully strange. I love It! Very clever photographer.
    Aurora x

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    Oh my, so tantalising! I can only just make out your beautiful form.
    Well worth the exploration of the photo!
    Lovely x x

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    I love the shade of blue in this – It highlights your body beautifully x

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    I love this, there is something really creepy and sinister about it.

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    Topless in a public carpark – you naughty thing!
    (coincidentally I have a post on public exposure tomorrow)

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    This is wonderful! I Love the contrast of your light skin against the dark space and your dark arm. Very moody.

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    Great shot. Lots of detail to seek out in the shadows. Xx

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