1. May

    I adored your photo last week and I love this one too. Particularly like how your chain is slightly out of focus – brings a movement to the shot.. Great poem too.

    • Thank you. This was my first try of self portraits when I didn’t know much what I was actually doing. It was taken on the bridge at 12pm with a car passing by and I was so excited that from that moment I fell in love in the whole photography journey.

  2. KP

    I love that reportage feel of a spontaneous act being captured. In the dark, up against the cold, hardness of a caged wall.

  3. There is something about the light and the slight blur to this image as if captured in a hurry that gives it a very raw feel


  4. Very voyeuristic feel and color in this one.

  5. Great shot. I love the movement and the mystery. Xx

  6. Fabulously sexy

  7. Love that photo!

    And the text! Perfect!

  8. I love the voyeuristic feel to this…very sensual.

  9. Bee

    Oh my goodness, I just love this. You’ve conveyed a dark, dangerous and illicit moment perfectly.

  10. Awesome shot Monika – I love how the slight blur makes it feel rushed. Adds a sneaky touch x

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