Lets Talk Porn! – Sexual Health Week

Lets Talk Porn! – Sexual Health Week

Let’s talk porn!

You can watch it later, but for now let’s get down and dirty with porn.

Background info

Sexual Health Week is an awareness campaign that was started back in 2008. It was started by the Family Planning Association (FPA) a non-profit sexual health charity. The charity’s motto is ‘Talking sense about sex’ and we couldn’t agree more.

In previous years the FPA have brought attention to sexually transmitted infections (2016) Contraceptive choices (2014) and this year the topic is porn.

We want to support people to have more open discussions about subjects related to porn, such as body image, consent, communication, safer sex…and the difference between fantasy and reality.

That is 1 week, 7 whole days, a glorious 168 hours to talk about porn!

What Godemiche is doing?

We want to be part of that conversation. We both enjoy watching porn. It adds an extra something to a hot and spicy night of sexy fun or fires things up for that a fabulous quickie. However we also know that some porn can also give people unrealistic expectations of what sex and bodies are really like. Porn, particularly that shot professionally is done so to look like the best of sex and is not always the most honest representation of what sex is actually like. We want to help open up the conversation around pornography so that people can be better informed about this topic.

There are many who have a very negative view of porn, believing that all woman in porn are victims, that watching porn is harmful to a person and their relationships but many of these beliefs are not based on facts, but on myths that surround the porn industry.  By talking openly about porn and giving people more information about the porn industry we can hopefully make the conversation around it a more positive well informed one.

Over the next week will have a variety of different posts related to this subject. We have a number of question and answer style interviews with different people in and around the adult entertainment world, don’t forget porn is not just movies it includes cam girls, live stream TV, erotic image and the written word.

We also have many blog posts about sexual health, safe sex, contraception aids and even squirting in porn all with the aim of helping people to talk about porn and to see things maybe in a different light.

Join in

Feel free to join in with us. Tell us your porn stories both good and bad and let’s get the conversation going. The hashtag being used for Sexual Health Week is #SHW17 but we will also be using our own special one #LetsTalkPorn.

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