#LetsTalkPorn with Jet Setting Jasmine & King Noire

Lets Talk POrn WIth Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire

As part of our Sexual Health Week series, we are interviewing a number of people who are involved in the adult industry.  Today we are chatting to Jasmine from Jet Setting Jasmine LLC. She is a life and work partner to King Noir, due to a very busy work schedule we couldn’t reach King Noir so Jasmine kindly decided to represent both of them.

1.    Introduce yourself to those people who don’t know you.

Jasmine is a proud owner of Jet Setting Jasmine LLCRoyal Fetish Films and Body Altitudes Health and Fitness: Home of Steel and Stilettos Fitness™. She is a Licensed Clinical Therapist with a Bachelors of Art in Sociology, Masters of Clinical Social Work and Aging Studies. Her background in Integrated Human Studies has allowed an extensive professional career working with adult clients from a Solutions-Focused/ Exposure Therapy model. Steel and Stilettos Fitness™ , is a lower body workout and empowerment format to the world, the workout that lasts long after it is over. Jasmine’s unconventional approach to intimacy issues has allowed a clients to explore and address deeply rooted intimacy barriers.

King Noire, owner of Jet Setting Jasmine LLCRoyal Fetish Films and Body Altitudes Health and Fitness: Home of Steel and Stilettos Fitness™. There are many adult entertainers but only one who is as driven and passionate about pleasure as King. He began his career as a nude model for magazines and adult websites. King’s clients did not take long to introduce him to the BDSM community. The attractions to his dominate nature lead to request in their serving as his submissives and cuckolds.  He enjoyed and learned a great deal during the years of live shows and fetish training. King is also an international recording artist & human rights activist (Hasan Salaam).

Jasmine and King are a two-time recipient of the FetCon 2016 Best Full Feature Length Film: Orally Yours & Collared in the Shadows.

2.    How did you both meet?

We met on Jasmine’s radio show at the time, The Emotion Picture.  She was doing an interview on behind the scenes of porn and King was a guest.  After the show, we exchanged communication about the type of work we were doing and saw a good opportunity to work together. That was 6 years ago and we’ve been at it since!

3.    What is it like to be in a relationship while doing porn with other people/your clients?

It’s like every other relationship –communication and honesty solve most anything!  We discuss our shoots with one another to make sure it’s a good fit for our brand and our relationship.

4.    How long have you been in porn?

King has been in the adult industry since he was 18.  I’ve been in the industry for 2 years but in adult entertainment off/on since 1998.

5.    Do you have any rules in your relationship to keep you both happy?

Don’t bring in any mess, keep us safe and communicate—even when it hurts to do so.

6.    Do you have a preparation routine before a shoot?

Testing Testing Testing!  That is always first.  Then grooming,  we have to make sure everything is waxed/shaved and in the right places!

7.    National Health Week has said ‘Porn is made to look good not to feel good’, what’s your thought about it?

There is some truth in that.  When we shoot with other companies it is usually about what looks good for the camera.  However with Royal Fetish Films we focus on the exact opposite, we want our scenes that feel good and in turn, people that are watching will feel the passion, chemistry and in turn –feel good also.

8.    What was the best porn shoot you’ve been part of?

The best shoot for me has been Orally Yours.  I really enjoyed King and all of the movement through space.  We just enjoyed having sex and the woman that shot it captured the things I love about watching sex –the reactions, the whole body moving and then the close ups.

9.    Are there any differences between black and white porn?

There is a difference in how it is portrayed and what roles are available to black vs. white actors/actresses. When the scenes are not scripted or marketed for passion, romance or relatability to the people watching them –that makes a huge difference.  Black people experience love and a range of sexual fantasies and activities; these should be better represented.

10.  What’s been a low point while on your journey to porn?

The low point has been realizing the level of racism in porn as well as some unsafe work practices of companies, talent agencies, and producers.

11.  How do you manage parent life and professional life

We parent and manage as one would with any other profession.  We do not schedule work that will interfere with important family events.  We have great support from our friends and family when we travel. The kids are very much aware of the work we do and how to manage any negative attention.

12.  What are your goals after your porn career?

We are living our goals concurrent to our porn career. We direct, film and edit too so there is so much we can continue to do in porn outside of acting.  Both King and I have professional careers.  He is an international recording artist, music & history lecturer and human rights activist.   I am a clinical therapist and have dedicated my professional career to education and training of health care providers on intimacy and illness/injury and caregiving.  We own and operate a health and fitness studio in Palm Harbor, Florida.  So if there is an after porn career, we may just continue to expand our other areas of interest or new ones!

13.  How different is Porn Sex from Real Sex?

For me—I usually don’t put on makeup or have lots of complimentary lights on for real sex! I also usually know the person I am sleeping with for more than an hour in the green room –usually! Lol, but when I am shooting for my own company –it is real sex and very exciting because of the exhibitionism that is involved.  We are kinksters so having someone watch or tape us is pretty much real sex for us on a good day!

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