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A Year In Summary - Godemiche

A Year In Summary

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Good by 2017, hello 2018!

It is so hard to believe that 12 months have past in what feels like a blink of an eye, 2017 has been a great year for us. We have shared so many magical moments together, treading new ground, exploring new ideas and all of it with you, the Godemiche family, watching and joining in.

So let’s take a look at where 2017 went and what we did…


The year started in Poland, full of snow, visiting family. It was our first holiday where we took a break from Godemiche and it was scary. Truth of the matter is the time seeing family did us good.

Adam New Year resolution was to vlog for a whole year starting on January 1st 2017. The real goal was to learn video editing quickly and to build better videography and editing skills, it lasted 60 days!

You can check out his first vlog HERE. Warning nudity in the first 20 seconds!


We were over the moon to be a sponsor of Eroticon 2017. Organised by Molly More, Michael Knight and Girl On The Net. It was the first time this wonderful event took place in London with the trio organising it . The whole event was so well put together, the venue had a very interesting layout and it worked well with all the different discussions going on.

If you’re a writer/blogger we highly recommend attending. To find out more head over to Eroticon.

Yes Adam did vlog it, that can be seen HERE. Talking about videos, on the 23rd March Monika filmed her first EVER Godemiche Certificate, watch it HERE. Making the Be My Valentines, a Monika special she got off to a funny start and finished with a beautiful Ambit full of heart, quite literally.


On April the 21st we launched the Hercules, the biggest toy we have made to date and the first toy with texture. Hercules was and still is quite a different style of toy to what we normally create, much larger and steeped in mythology.  We wanted to create something for the many people screaming ‘we want a bigger toy’. We launched the Hercules at that time with only one size,  large, medium and small came later in the year.


May saw Monika enroll on a photography course. It has been something she always wanted to do and she shared many of the moments from it on the Instagram story and also the blog.  One of the photography adventures led to a 3 time, burnt down, abandoned, old factory building. It was phenomenal inside, full of character, littered with decay, there was even a small garden growing on the 4th floor where a roof had collapsed and plants had began growing in what was once a kitchen. It was also where Monika took the pictures she was most proud of. See it HERE


June 1st we officially moved in to our new office. 450 square feet of space for us to do what we please in with 24 hours access. The space helped with workflow, it helped with increasing production and it was ours, all ours, we even put in a dedicated photography section that’s been so helpful.

June the 10th 2017 we passed 400 customer website orders. It’s a humbling feeling to know that 400 people had the confidence in Godemiche to make them a toy that we hope they will cherish forever.


July 4th is Independence day in the USA but July 6th was our personal Independence day. We celebrated 12 months of being 100% Godemiche, no part time jobs, no help, just us, you and lots and lots of dildos. Our Independence day sale was EPIC and we still have dreams about trying to get all the orders out quickly.

July 27th Vice came to film and it was fun, 10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask A Dildo Maker. Way more than 10 questions were asked and answered, we made dildos, talked sex, sex toys and underwear.


The month started with a Adam 8 inch Peacock, yes peacock colour certificate. A shining example of why we love experimenting with new colours and taking on your custom request.

We wanted to really get our teeth in to pushing people to talk about sex as a topic, Sexual Health Week was a perfect opportunity for this and so we rolled out two blog post a day.

How porn can affect your relationship’, ‘Ins and outs of contraception’, ‘6 Myths porn has taught us about squirting’ and ‘What to think about kink’ are four of the blogs we highly recommend reading.

26th and first ever Adam & Monika Godemiche Certificate, starring Supper Mario music. You’re in for a treat watching as a Purple and Pearl Adam is created, watch it HERE.


Hello Hanover, hello Germany, hello eroFame. Yes this was our road tip to the German business trade show eroFame. The 14 hour, 652 mile drive started at 3am, through the Euro tunnel, France, Belgium Netherlands andfinally Germany.

This was a huge success for us, we made some amazing professional contacts and came away with a ton of wholesale orders.

We also passed 155 five star reviews on Etsy. 155 people felt moved to review the product they purchased. We are grateful for every single one and ALWAYS read what people have said.


We reached 600 sales on Etsy!


After 6 months we decided to fit the office with some custom built work desk. Admittedly it’s the least exciting thing for you but its an office 2.1 for us. Space to move, space to make, space to pack, just lots of usable, functional space.

For the first time ever we decided to take proper time off over Christmas. We closed up on the 18th December and have thoroughly enjoyed having the time to spend with our family and also make plans for 2018.

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