Morning Pleasuring


Sometimes you have

to lose yourself

to discover who

you might yet be.

Sometimes what feels

like breaking down

is really just

breaking free.

-Cristen Rodgers-




As I am the first one awake in our house my daily routine is to take time to myself.

Sometimes it’s reading a book, sometimes just relaxing in a quiet house before everybody will get out of beds or taking sexy images for Sinful Sunday.

But sometimes I like to pleasure myself and feel the moment of my orgasmic freedom.


Kiss the lips to discover other sinful images this week.2

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  1. Avatar

    What an awesome idea for prompt! This too would be one of my daily things!

  2. Avatar

    Oh Monika, this is absolutely fucking beautiful. I think this might be one of the most beautiful images you have taken so far. They way the light is catching your breast and that in the shadow we can just make out your hands disappearing about between your thigh is utterly captivating.


  3. Avatar

    The best routines are the ones we discover for ourselves. Lovely image.


  4. Avatar

    This is delicious and captivating – the play of light and shadow is wonderful.

  5. Avatar

    The lighting on your breasts is captivating!

  6. Avatar

    I love being alone and quiet – its a need – beautiful image

  7. Avatar

    A beautiful image. Those quiet times, first thing in the morning are very special xx

  8. Avatar

    Monika, this is SO beautiful and sexy! WOW!

    Rebel xox

  9. Avatar

    It is nice you get those quiet moments to indulge.

  10. Avatar

    Just beautiful !!!
    Such a stunning photograph . . . I love everything about this !
    Xxx – K

  11. Avatar

    Oh I’d love to have a regular daily orgasmic ‘me time’. Right now I get the house to myself one evening a fortnight so that’s all I get…and it’s not enough!

    Great image to go with this though, absolutely stunning!

  12. Avatar

    That’s a lovely, sensual image.

  13. Avatar

    I mean, after coffee, this has to be the other best part of waking up.

  14. Avatar

    Simple, soft, and a great focal point. Love the shadows and angle.

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