Story Untold

story untold banner Monika in heals for sinful sunday

Story Untold

The picture alone.

without the written word,

leaves half the

story untold.

-James Lafferty-



I want to hear My story from You.


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18 Responses

  1. That angle is amazing, like your legs are being poured into those vase-like shoes. The funnel of your blurry foregrounded fishnets leading to those narrow razor sharp heels. Hot.

  2. Wow what a gorgeous and interesting camera angle! Those heels are stunning as are you and I so love the words you have put with this photo. It really does make me think.
    Aurora x

  3. This is glorious. I love your heels, the stockings, and your pose, and the way the light catches your hands and the silver bits on your laces is wonderful. I also like the idea that we might not be seeing the whole story. x

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