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Caught with my pants down - Adam in a bath

Today the 13th January 2018 is ‘Make Your Dreams Come True Day’ and we want to inspire you to do something to help make your dreams come true.

Let’s not lie about the matter your dream probably won’t happen in a blink of an eye, sorry to burst that bubble but let’s be real, your dreams are going to take some if not a lot of effort to achieve but they are most defiantly not beyond your reach.

I don’t know what your dreams are, what your heart, body or mind desires the most, so that makes inspiring you a little tricky but not impossible. So we want to offer our story, a small story on how a young family of 4, with nothing but a desire to help people started a company you now known as Godemiche.

This is my Godemiche story, because Monika’s Godemiche story although closely entwined, is a different story all together and one only she can tell.

The Beginning

Back in 2012 I (Adam) was working as a Civil Enforcement Officer aka a Traffic Warden and Monika as a Barista, both working 36 hours a week. Jobs to pay the bills, that’s all they were, not enjoyable, not our life time ambition and most definitely not our dream.

2012 was also the year that we launched ThatPosition, this was our breath of fresh air, our escape for the daily grind of things we didn’t like, it was a sex toy website and we loved sex.

We spent hours upon hours, creating content, helping people, offering advice, trying to change people’s perceptions of sex toys.  Looking back on things we probably put in 40+ hours each, every single week but it only ever felt like a couple of hours at the time because we enjoyed it so much.

If we fast forward things up from 2012 through to 2015, I and Monika continued to work on ThatPosition, we also became parents, we became parents twice, a little boy and a little girl. One full time day job, two children and a website; A website that we started with the purpose of trying to helping people.

The truth is ThatPosition covered its cost, we ran the website to help people, the content was to help people, we rarely went out of our way to sell products.

Infuriated by larger manufacturers we were motivated to made our own dildo, the Adam, yes named after me and made by me. The Adam took weeks of sculpting, cost so much money in wasted silicone, plaster and other materials that really we should never have continued, but we enjoyed it, so we did.

Becoming Godemiche

One day at a fetish market Clair at Kinky Monkey asked if she could buy our dildos to sell with the strap on harnesses she made. Clair asking that simple question is the reason Godemiche the brand was born and in October 2015 we unveiled our new brand, website and products to the world at Sexpo.

Godemiche was always and will always be about giving people the best products we can possibly make, giving the best advice we possibly can and making people feel inspired to talk as openly as they feel comfortable with about sex.

The weird thing is Godemiche wasn’t our dream nor was selling or even making sex toys our dream. Sex was what we enjoyed and helping people to discover new things in their sex life was what we really enjoyed the most, it was and still is such a rewarding feeling to know our advice and products help people. True story, last week at LAM a guy bought a Plug-B for our stall and no more than 30 minutes later he came by and said ‘I’ve got it in and it feels GREAT!’, that was one of the first things I told Monika when I got back home.

As with all good things there is a leap, a more than often, giant leap of fucking faith that no matter how much you want to avoid will always be there. Some times that leap is money, sometimes its time, whatever your leap it will be out of your comfort zone. For us our leap was leaving a job with a regular income to try and sell dildos. That leap was made all the more terrifying by having 2 children, then two and one, and no real track record of any financial business success.

6th July 2016, I remember the day well, it was the first time in 10+ years that I had been elated, no ecstatic, no over the FUCKING MOON happy to be going to work! It was day one of our dream job, the first day I left the house to work at Godemiche, to do what I wanted to do and tell the stories I wanted to tell with the aim of inspiring people to just do it!

Monika has always believed in me, believed in my idea of a world where people talk about sex, a world where we help and inspire people despite of what others might say or think. For example, I love my dad, I’ve always wanted him to be proud of me, but he was always a cold sharp stab of reality. I remember him saying ‘if you don’t make money in 3 months you NEED to get a job! You have a family you need to look after and you NEED to be responsible.’ Hard words to hear when your making that scary fucking leap. Today I believe my dad’s proud of me, even telling his friends I’m ‘king cock’ when asked what it is we do for a living.

My advice to you

General advice is to live life with your eyes and mind open. What I mean by this is opportunities are always right there in front of you, smaller opportunities have the potential of leading to bigger ones. And If your dreams are not crystal clear that’s fine, neither were ours, but keeping your eyes open for opportunities and acting on them is a must. If that opportunity turned out to be the worst experience in the world, GREAT your dream has become a little clearer because you now know what you don’t like.

Advice on ‘the leap’. This bitch is hard, you fight everything, your mind, heart, gut, family, friends all seem to spin around you in this mental battle for a place on the ‘whats right’ platform. If in your heart you feel it’s the right thing to do and the hairs on the back of your arms sand up while thinking about it, then it’s probably the right decision to jump. If you don’t jump you risk living with regret, being that person that created the something new or innovative but never did anything about it, will haunt you for life. If you take the leap and it all goes wrong, it’s an education, a lesson learned, a story to tell your children and then when the leap comes around again you will not be scared because you have done it all before and it didn’t kill you the first time around. I think fulfilling dreams mean that sometimes you just have to take a risk. I am aware that not everyone is in a position to do that but if and when you are then in my experience taking that leap is a key part of making your dreams come true.

4 Responses

  1. Firstly, I bloody love that image, it gave me a good giggle!

    Secondly, I’m on the verge of making a career change, I had a bit of a knock back but something gave me a glimmer of a hope that maybe I could make some changes. I have been a bit reticent because I feel obliged to others in my current job.

    But you have inspired me, this week I will go and see if I can change that glimmer of hope into something bigger.

    Thank you!!

    1. We have been sitting on that image for just over 3 months lol. If at the very least iv encouraged you to really look into this ‘glimmer of hope’ then writing this has been worthwhile. Just remember it doesn’t get any easier because the challenges you face are always changing but what really does change is confidence in yourself to deal with each and every one of the challenges as they arise.

      I wish you the very best and leave you with a saying I picked up along the way ‘fail falling forwards’ and you the more you do better you become as failure becomes an experience and one you will learn from.

  2. I love you.
    I’ve loved your enthusiasm for what you & Monika are doing since the first time we met at LAM.
    I moaned at you for not making BIG toys – so you made me a big toy, and now you have the Hercules (an awesome cock)!!!
    I wish you & Monika every success, you work your arses off!

    1. Well, thank you. Yes we do love what we do, it was never our dream, but its become more than a dream for us. Yes, you and MANY people said they wanted big toys and it took a little while but we got there in the end and there will be more to come in the future. I have a t-shit that says 24 7 365 and it’s quite like that but we really do enjoy what we do and helping people is always so so rewarding. Thanks for everything!

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