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    It is lovely. I like the way the shadows work.

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    I love that we can just make out your other nipple in the dark shadows. Beautiful image as always Monika


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    Tease! All kidding aside love the seemingly endless depth of the darkness in this photo.

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    It’s a great image and hopefully more inspiring weather isn’t too far away.


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    Fab shot – – the nipple in the background 😉

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    I love this – such beautiful lighting and a teasing shot, with your nipple just discernible in the shadowy background… x

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    Ywah, love the lighting – soft and uplit. Beautiful, ma’am.

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    Hi Monica, I love the light and shadow in this. Hope you get your mojo back soon!

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    The softness and lighting are wonderful in this image!

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    I’m with you on the dull, boring, English winter weather but I love the image, so soft with great lighting.

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