My view Sinful sunday. Monika sitting naked with her back to the camera on a bench at the top of a hill

My view – Sinful Sunday

My view is my treasure which, I have found this morning…

I was waiting for a good 30 minutes to own this place and now it’s mine.

This bench on top of the hill, me looking down at the people who may climb after me,

– don’t think about it, just breath… relax… and breath…

Take this moment to just be me… breath this nice cool breeze again and again…-

– I’m trying to let go the pressure and enjoy it.

I’ve never had this feeling in me when getting naked for a picture before.

and now the excitement has got me.

– Oh, my gosh how is this even happening?

I am totally naked! I’m so bloody happy! –

So many mixed feelings.

This was the most beautiful morning…


Check who else has been sinful by kissing the lips…







  1. Avatar

    I know a bench like that – looking over – and what if they could all view you – great image ;-)m

  2. Avatar

    Fabulous – like a British version of the Christ the Redeemer statue… xx

  3. Avatar

    What an eyecatching view, Lovely!
    (and quite hot)

  4. Avatar

    Gorgeous. Your bum appearing in the slates is the best view

  5. Avatar

    What a view!!! The scenery isn’t bad either.
    Missy x

  6. Avatar

    OMG Monika – this is magical x <3 Absolutely breathtaking beautiful x

  7. Avatar

    Wow, what a fabulous shot. Bench is perfect, clever idea.

  8. Avatar

    I really need to get out in the country more. What a stellar view – it’s so idyllic! It looks like the epitome of serenity.

  9. Avatar

    I love this so much. It looks like you might sprout wings and fly away any moment. Gorgeous ?

  10. Avatar

    You really do look as though you own that place. A glorious view too and I especially like the details (such as how you’ve positioned yourself in front of the bench’s missing slats).


  11. Avatar

    Great! The misty half seen distance looks wonderful, as do you.

  12. Avatar

    Glorious image, love it in black and white! And well done for stripping off outdoors, it must take some guts.

    PP x

  13. Avatar

    Such a wonderful place to be completely naked. Stunning image!

    Rebel xox

  14. Avatar

    Go you! – it makes me think of when people say they had to sit on their hands they were so excited! The bench is anchoring you down and framing you beautifully!

  15. Avatar

    Such a beautiful shot, and so exciting to be so naked out in the world. One day I will be this brave, you’re inspiring!

  16. Avatar

    Beautifully shot Monika, the sense of space is incredible. X x

  17. Avatar

    Another gorgeously magical photo!
    And you fit so perfectly between the slats . . . clearly it was made to be yours !!!
    Xxx – K

  18. Avatar

    What a stunning place to be the view (and ours) is breathtaking. I do love that moment when finding happiness at being naked.

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