On Top

Monika standing naked on top of rocks looking down over the valley at Bradgate Park

It’s been just over a year since I’ve started my adventure with photography. As long as I can remember there have been cameras in our house, even before the first mobile phone was invented. Gosh, it feels very old when saying it this way.

When I first joined a basic photography course for beginners it was to learn about my DSLR so I can take better product images.

The course was brilliant, from one project to another I felt that I had a mission to do something amazing. I couldn’t wait to explore a new world of creativity and art.

And here I am now, on top of the hill of one of the nicest parks in Leicester – Bradgate Park. I had to wait 30 min at this spot for all tge curious dog walkers to go away.

Oh, I wanted to do it so badly! I knew that this is the image (in my head) I wanted from this trip. This is the one.

I’m wondering if anyone saw me from the other side…

Check who else was sinful this Sunday



18 responses

  1. This looks incredible in black and white. The scenery is such a contrast, the rough weather-beaten rocks, next to your fair smooth skin. You look really comfortable and confident with your arms up, i’m impressed with your courage!

    PP x

  2. An other worldly image … maybe some thing from the land of faeres.
    Ghostly beautiful.
    Missy x

  3. Gorgeous!! And yes, I remember having cameras long before smartphones, too. I tell myself it doesn’t make me old until the 12yo expresses horror that you used to have to wait to develop pictures to see how they came out, lol. And then I feel VERY old.

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