Behind The Scenes of Godemiche Workshop – April

Godemiche April Behind the scenes image with a selection of pastel Ambit dildos

Welcome to April’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ of what we do in our workshop. You can get a sneak peek of what was popular last month and what interesting mixes of silicone we’ve made thanks to you ordering them.

There’s definitely a season for pastels and April is a perfect example of that.  Not sure if it’s the sunny weather or just an Easter feeling but you wanted them a lot.

Godemiche Silicone Adam in Dusty Pink Godemiche Silicone Dildos in pastel colours









  1. Adam 8in GlitterDusty Pink – a photo taken by one of our customers. We love your images! Please send more.
  2. Ambit and Adam 8in in Blue Lagoon, Paris Green, Electric Lavender, Mellow Yellow and Princess Perfume. Almost the whole Collection of Pastels. They look so yummy together.

A few months ago we decided that we need a help in our workshop because we couldn’t keep up with the orders – thanks to you:) – so we realised it was time to get someone in on a daily basis. Happily Sean – Adam’s brother came to us with a helping hand and within a few weeks he was confident enough to make more difficult mixes like the Galaxy and Confused Rainbows. Sean is a fast learner and we are very pleased to have him on board. We will write more about Sean soon.

I, Monika, have to admit that making Galaxy and Confused Rainbow was never my strong point but it seems like Sean has totally mastered it.

Godemiche Silicone Adam dildo in GalaxyGodemiche Silicone Adam 6in confused rainbow strapon pegging dildo









  1. Adam 8in Galaxy is unique and beautiful every time we make them.
  2. Adam 6in Confused Rainbow.

As you may have noticed we have changed the drop down menu at the top of the page to try to make it easier to look for the specific dildos. We have received great feedback from our regular customers so it seems like a good move. There is also an option where you can choose any colour to mix in the Bi-Colour range which means that you can potentially select colour mixes we have never made before. Here are just a two examples of your choices. We think they look awesome!


Godemiche Silicone Ambit dildo in Pearl and autumn forest glitter Godemiche Silicone Ambit dildo in Pastel Pink and Gold









  1.  Ambit Pearl and Autumn Forest – we have been a little bit skeptical about mixing glitter with pearlescent pigment but this Ambit absolutely blown our mind.
  2. Ambit Gold and Princess Perfume – We didn’t expect such a great performance of this combo. It just shows that we can mix anything and everything.

I’ve asked on Instagram about what kind of mixes and colours you prefer in sex toys and 82% of people said that pearlescent mixes are better than just one colour dildos. Here are two examples

Godemiche Silicone Ambit Dildo in Blue Pearlsecent and Gold Pearl Strapon Pegging dildo Godemiche Silicone Butt Plug Apex and Ambit black and gold pearlescent Dildo pegging dildo









  1. Ambit in Gold and Blue Pearlescent. Love this one!
  2. Apex butt plug and Ambit Dildo in Gold and Black Pearlescent mix. Always looking so elegant.

I’ve left the best for the end. Our Bestseller is still the unbeatable OffBeat! We are so happy with the amount of great feedback we’ve received.

‘Very nice product. It feels like a constant pressure is applied. Easy to clean since the opening isn’t too small and the very rugged grip on the outside makes it so you can easily hold on to it.’

We are so proud of this product and all the toys that we sell which bring people so much pleasure and fun.

Godemiche Silicone Yellow and Dark Green OffBeat Masturbator









  1. OffBeat Masturbator Sleeve with a texture in Yellow Standard (Long) and Green Standard (Short).

That’s a wrap! We hope you like our small series of Behind the Scenes and we will be documenting what’s going on in our workshop next month.

Leave a comment if something grabbed your attention. Follow us on social media to see more of what we do.

Stay colourful!



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