9 New Glow In The Dark Colours

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Imagine the darkness, that kind of inky darkness which is thick and dense, where your eyes can’t see no matter how hard you try. But then there is a light in the midst of all that black, a light your eyes become fixated on, a light that lights up your imagination. The only sound is your shallow breaths and as you watch the light that soft sound is broken by a short sharp gasp as you feel a warm, wet mouth tasting you. 

Welcome to the amazing would of glow in the dark dildos. These toys are so much more than a novelty or ales gimmick, in the right hands these lightsabers of love (sorry we couldn’t resist it) will bring a new illuminating  dimension to your sex life. You can turn out the lights and use these sex toys to find your way and their way. Watch as they disappear into you or your partner and then reemerge again. The whole thing is a thrilling visual delight.

So today we are expanding the range to nine, very different glow in the dark colours that will allow you to bring a little glow to your night time escapades. 

White – Yes white, this angelic almost ghost like colour is like a super hero. During the day it’s a clean, simple colour but by night it comes to life and looks AMAZING.

Pink – A light, candy pink during the day and a brilliant bright pink at night. If pink is your colour you will not be disappointed with this.

Aqua – A wonderful aqua, almost sea green but during the night the colours reverse with the aqua taking on sea blue colour.   

Green – A pale, mint green during the day which transforms into a toxix yellowish/green by night. 

Orange – A very peachy looking day orange but wow by night the orange becomes almost fluorescent. 

Purple – The purple glow in the dark is the darkest of the collection having this quite subdued tone but taking on a royal purple glow night. 

Purple/Blue – The chameleon of glow in the dark colours, pale purple during the day but a cool Avatar blue during the night. 

Yellow – A crisp lemon day yellow and a punchy, vibrant yellow by night. 

Blue – The blue you know and love, a pale blue during the day and by night this super bright vivid blue. 

So what are you waiting you. Check out all your options in our shop, pick the one that lights up your eyes and once it arrives turn out the lights and let it light up your sex life.

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